Friday, February 24, 2012

Word of the Year

I can't help but smile when I think of writing this post.  I'm just slightly overdue in writing it.  Only about two months behind.  Better late than never?

We began choosing a word to make our focus for each year, three years ago specifically.  The word is then written at the top of our entryway message center as the first thing we see going out the door or coming in. 

2010:  Simplify....because we were running in too many directions and missing what mattered most

2011: Purpose...because we were searching for our purpose AND doing everything intentionally, "on" purpose.   It was actually April before I made that official word as our focus, so I guess I'm actually ahead of the game this year. :)  It was a struggle with the emotions that were so raw for me during those months. 

Purpose was our focus, but we also adopted "Stronger. Together." as our family theme.  That theme continues and is our focus in our marriage and our home.  It has come to mean so much.  More every day.  As a visual reminder, Kevin and Adriana had a dear friend make a vinyl transfer as a birthday surprise for me.  We put it on a mirror that came from my childhood home.  

2012 COURAGEOUS is our one word.  

First of all, the movie impacted us.  It impacted us WELL before it ever came out in theaters.  It impacted us well before we actually saw it.  We had been watching previews, reading excerpts from the script, reading/watching interviews with the writers/producers/etc...  I felt like our lives were changed well before Kevin and I sat in the theater on opening night, my Dad's birthday.  It touched us when we bought our tickets months ahead of time. 

Actually seeing the movie and letting it resonate in our hearts was powerful.  Tears flowed freely that night as well as some much need conversations.  Conversations that have STILL not ended.  Conversations that have sparked changes in both of us.  Though it may have been a movie geared towards fatherhood, it impacted us both in great ways.  Now having watched it as a family multiple times, it is one of those that has made a far lasting impression on ALL of us. 

Yes, we want to be courageous in the ways that the movie shows.  It has precipitated many of the recent changes that are taking place in our family.  It DID start a revolution in is.  One that is just beginning. 

Yet, courageous means MUCH more. 

We want  to:

  • Hold fast to our vales.  NO matter how alone.  No matter what the world says is normal.  No matter how many people laugh at us, make fun of us, etc...  (which is daily it seems!).  No matter who excludes us.  No matter who praises those that are living immorally.  In the words of Kevin, ZERO compromise.  Don't overlook "immorality" in part of a TV show or movie, just to watch the rest.  If it doesn't line up...we don't watch it.  We don't watch it as a family and we don't watch it as a couple.  That goes for what we listen to, read, wear, words we say, conversations we have, jokes we tell, places we attend, video games we play, etc...  Being courageous in remembering to "walk with integrity in our own home" (behind closed doors) is just as important as what we do that is visible to others.   Being courageous and STANDING up for those values. 
  • Intentional with praying, reading the Bible, devotionals individually, as a couple, and as a family----being courageous even when it isn't necessarily our comfort zone.  Being courageous to not let the bulk of our children's spiritual training come from church.  The church should supplement what they are receiving at home.  Working together----not letting someone else be responsible for it.
  •  Being courageous in letting our emotions be raw, being vulnerable, and transparent with each other.  No walls.  No defense mechanisms.  Connected. 
  • Being courageous to ask for or accepting help.  (This one is a big one for me!)
  • Being courageous in how we spend ALL of our time.  This one has obviously been big for me recently.  Saying no to GREAT things has been hard, but it is giving me new freedom to embrace the time I have NOW with my family. 
  • Being courageous in all aspects of being Holy Spirit led.  Letting Him lead in our home.  Radical obedience.  Walking in faith even out of our comfort zones.
  • Being courageous in how we spend our finances.  Saying NO now to wants so that we have more to give.  Saying NO now to wants so that we can say yes to financial freedom.
  • Being courageous in relationships.  This means many different things to us right now.  Some relationships have to be let go, some need more attention, some need to be valued and cherished.  THIS is a big one for us this year.
  • Being courageous in all aspects of the 24 hours of a day we are given.  For me, this means specifically turning over EVERY aspect of our school day, meeting the needs of each individual, making sure our home is run smoothly in every domestic aspect (and learning to LET SOME GO!), and making sure that my marriage is a top priority ALWAYS.
  • Being courageous in letting wounds heal, moving forward from hurt, etc.. 
  • Being courageous by letting God have full access to our hearts.  Sweeping out the corners.  Letting Him take over us more every day so that our hearts become more like His. 
  • Being courageous and not listening to the lies that we believe from Satan.
As a matter of fact, the list just keeps going the more I think about.  The even greater thing is that I don't know some of the ways He is going to ask us to be COURAGEOUS because so many heart changes are taking place in us right now.  The being COURAGEOUS part is just about giving Him more of us, being obedient, and bending towards His well and not asking Him to bend towards ours. 

COURAGEOUS most especially when things are falling apart and we have to walk in faith.  COURAGEOUS when we are hurting and want to give up on something.  COURAGEOUS when the path is difficult or lonely.  COURAGEOUS when we aren't certain which direction to go.  COURAGEOUS when we fail or have to seek forgiveness or forgive.  COURAGEOUS when the path doesn't make sense. 


I'm falling in love with this word more every day! 

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Kevin said...

Inspiring summation of many conversations we have had. Now I think the courageous part just may be applying all of these every day unapologetically and with boldness. Thank you Tracye for my inspiration to be courageous.