Sunday, February 5, 2012

B90 Check in Week 6 (Monday 2-6-12)

Welcome back B90 readers!  Another week under our belts, bringing us all much closer to our goal!  The half-way point is ALMOST here!

This check-in post is a short one.  To be perfectly honest, I'm going to admit to just being behind on MANY things at the moment!  Yikes---time management seemed to be lacking on my end this week.  I let stress get the best of me too many times and didn't get as much accomplished as I needed to. Fortunately, tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to get back on track!  Most especially, thankful that my heart has found some renewal and I'm ready to hit this week running (OK----as soon as I get the lesson plans done for my 3 kids for this week!). 

I do want to say thank you to each of you that followed up to either my email or commented on posts.  It was fantastic to hear from so many of you letting me know how things are going.  Many of you admit to being behind, but are still committed.  THAT is all that matters to me!  As I told many of you, I'm still going to keep cheering you on even if you don't make the 90 day mark!  Many of you shared some *tough* prayer requests this week as well.  Please know that I'm thinking of you, praying for you, and believing that God is in control even through difficulties.  Hold onto your faith with every fiber of your being!

I'm super excited that this week brings us to one of my favorite sections of the Bible.  I LOVE Psalms!!!!  It encourages my heart so often.  I realize that some of you don't share that same enthusiasm ( husband happens to be one of those!) because it's so long and so many sound the same.  Just hold on to the fact that whether you approach this week excited or with a bit of've come so far and half-way is just around the corner!!!! 

Keep at it!  Hang tight!  Embrace this week with new enthusiasm.  Regardless of where you are in the reading, TODAY is a new day!!!! 

Monday: Nehemiah 13:15-Job 7:21
Tuesday:  Job 8:1-Job 24:25
Wednesday: Job25:1-Job 41:34
Thursday: Job 42:1-Psalm 24:10
Friday: Psalm 25:1-Psalm 45:14
Saturday: Psalm 45:15-Psalm 69:21
Sunday: Psalm 69:22-Psalm 89:13


Michelle T said...

I am happy to say that I am up to date.

For those of you who are still catching up, let me join Tracye in encouraging you to keep on going. Some of you may find that you have caught up by the end. Even if you don't (and I was one of those in the past!), reading the Bible in 93 days ... or 100 days is quite an accomplishment. ANY time spent in the Word is a good thing, and God will bless your efforts.

Robin said...

I started a full time job last week on top of being a mother of a two year old. I had been on track up until this week. I'm still in I Chronicles. Feeling very discouraged and my first week at work did not go well. That did not help the situation. I would appreciate prayer for my second week and that I would have just a few minutes each day to try to catch up. I'm afraid I just won't be able to catch up now.

gyopo said...

Hi. This is Sam from Korea. I am a bit behind - currently reading Nehemiah 8. Some days are tough to get through (in terms of my relationships with people around me), but God always helps me realize that as long as God is my hope, I can keep trusting Him especially during difficult times.

Even though I've never met any of you in person, I thank God for all of you.

LORD, I pray for Robin. I know, LORD, that You have a plan and a purpose for sending Robin to her new workplace. I pray that You will be with her as she is working. Please carry her through the hard times at work. Help Robin to realize again how much You love her and how pleased You are that she is spending time with You. Help her not to be discouraged. In Jesus' name, Amen.

TN Quiltbug said...

I am still on track in my reading, praise the Lord! Currently in Job this morning. Have to admit--I do not care for Job, though I am trying to focus on Job himself, and on his faithfulness which is truly remarkable. I just get so tired of his "friends!" I am like you, Tracy, in that I LOVE Psalms--so I am looking forward to getting through Job so we can be onto something happier!

So much appreciate everyone's prayers, and I am praying for all who are attempting to read God's Word.

Tristine Fleming said...

Checking in. On schedule. I just want to encourage those who are "behind." My husband is days behind but has faithfully been reading when he's able. That's the real point of this: to create a habit of being in God's Word daily. As long as you're doing that. I think that's what matters.

Please keep my son, Tavin, in your prayers. We've had in ER twice, and today will be our second emergency doctor's appointment. No one can tel us what's wrong, and he's been in tormenting pain for WEEKS!! We are beyond frustrated. We've been speaking authority over him, declaring God's Word over him, praying...and although none of that has been working, we are still trying to be faithful.

Laura said...

I'm on Nehemiah 5, so I'm technically behind, but hoping by 10:00 tonight I'll be caught up. The weekend tends to throw me off, but by Tuesday I've usually made up the difference. I pray that everyone reads his/her Bible & thanks God for the opportunity to do so...even if it's a difficult read, even if it's confusing & even if you're days behind schedule. Praise God we have His Word!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Due to some unexpected challenges this past week, I'm WAY behind but still chugging along. I WILL get thru this - it may not be in 90 days but I WILL get thru God's Word this year!

I'll continue to try to catch up and, hopefully, will join y'all (on time) for the NT!

Anonymous said...

Well I am behind, but going to catch up today. So encouraged that we all CAN do this in His strength!!
-Sarah Joy

Lord I pray for Tristine and her son Tavin. Father, they are in a very trying time and a confusing one as well. I pray that you will honor their faithfulness and heal their son. We ask you for a miracle, that you would release him from this pain. PLease bring them closer as a family and to you during this time. We will give you all the glory Lord. Amen.

Shannon said...

Still a bit behind, but I remain committed to reading. Thank you so much for all your prayers over the past few weeks for my ill family members. Please continue to pray for us. Robin and Tristine, I continue to keep you and your families and children in my prayers along with everyone else in our group.

Abundant Blessings!

Sheri D. said...

Hi there! I just returned from a vacation with my family. It was reeeeeally challenging to stay caught up with my routine being off so I ended up using my two grace days. Being behind though is making me crazy so I am hoping to catch back up by tomorrow. Praying for all of you <3

Sheri D. said...

Okay, so I spent time this morning reading while my daughter was in preschool. I am now officially caught up through today's (Tuesday's) reading.

connie said...

Tracye, thank you for the encouragement and prayers! And thank you for the email! I kept thinking I would respond...and then LIFE! It's c.r.a.z.y. I even got 3 days behind in reading this week...but I'm happy to say that I used every spare moment and am caught up. Have a blessed week!

Shannon Copeland Clayton said...

Hi! Sorry to be checking in late! I have had a crazy couple weeks! My youngest daughter was sick last week...she is better BUT my oldest daughter started this week off being sick! Thankfully hers lasted only 1 day rather than a week, but I am still about a day or so behind! Hoping to get caught up in the next couple of days! Have a great week!

Mary L said...

Hopelessly behind. I am trying to do a bit of catch up this week, but it feels a little like failure.

My brother started chemo on Friday and was released from the hospital last night. He came through this round relatively easily, praise God! Thanks to all of you who covered him with prayer. Please continue to do so.

Sherri K said...

I continue to keep on, keeping on with this Bible reading!

Kelly K said...

Sorry I didn't make it here on Monday. It was my birthday, so I think that had something to do with not remembering to check in! But I did do my reading that day, and I just wanted to say I am still keeping up with each day's reading. Reading the Psalms in The Message is fresh and earthy, I'll say. It's encouraging to hear the words of common man poured out to God with such honesty and passion. Keep coming along everyone! Don't let discouragement with the schedule keep you from reading God's word everyday...even a little bit. -Kelly K