Sunday, February 12, 2012

B90 Check in Week 7 (Monday 2/13/12)

This Week's Reading Plan:

Monday (13th) Psalm 89:14-Psalm 108:13
Tuesday (14th) Psalm 109:1-Psalm 134:3
Wednesday (15th) Psalm 135:1-Proverbs 6:35
Thursday (16th) Proverbs 7:1-Proverbs 20:21
Friday (17th)  Proverbs 20:22-Ecclesiastes 2:26
Saturday (18th) Ecclesiastes 3:1-Song of Solomon 8:14
Sunday (19th) Isaiah 1:1-Isaiah 13:22

Welcome back B90 readers!  This week brings a HUGE milestone.  HALFWAY!!!!!! 

We are currently enjoying the beautiful songs/poems/prose of Psalms.  We will journey through the wisdom of Proverbs.  In just two days of reading you will have completed Ecclesiastes.  We will find ourselves reading the entire book of Song of Solomon (and how fitting that it comes during the week of Valentines Day!).  We will end the week starting out in the book of Isaiah.  WOW!

It's quiet unbelievable to see how far we've come already! 

I'm hearing from MANY of you that at this point, you are struggling to keep up.  It is NOT unusual!  The "newness" of the challenge has worn off, you've passed through the "habit" forming days and now it's just something you get done each day.  I challenge you this week to look at it with new enthusiasm.  Perhaps change WHEN you read or WHERE you read.  Pray and ask God to give you a fresh new outlook.  Just like we all get a bit of spring fever as the dreary winter drags on, it can feel that way with this challenge.  JUST hang in there!!!!

I'm also hearing that many of you are VERY far behind and I want to encourage you to keep reading.  No amount of reading is wasted and no matter if you can make the 90 day mark or not----just don't give up! 

GRACE days!  This reading plan actually takes 88 days.  TWO FULL days are built in for those times that you just can't read. Days 89 & 90 are just purely for you to use as needed to catch up.  There are definitely times that we fall behind and need that extra cushion of time! 

I'm continuing to pray for each of you.  Those of you that have been posting specific needs or have emailed, I am keeping up with them even if I haven't been able to personally respond, yet. 

I just want to say how very proud I am of each of you this week.  If you are still hanging in with us----no matter how far behind----it speaks volumes about your commitment and your desire to spend time with God. 

Have a beautiful week!  Enjoy spending time in God's word.  As we celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways and on different levels, just remember how VERY MUCH God LOVES you!!!!  Even if you are single, struggling in your marriage, suffered loss........YOU ARE HIS VALENTINE!  Let his LOVE wash over each of you anew! 

I look forward to hearing from you throughout this week! 


Robin said...

At the beginning of this week, I was in I Chronicles. Today, I am finishing Job!!!! Praise the Lord. He gave me bits and pieces throughout the week to play catch up. I am hoping to be caught up in the next two days. Even working full time, working late, and chasing a toddler, there are a few moments to spend in the word and they are so refreshing.

Thank you to all for the encouragement. It really meant a lot. Praying for others who are struggling to keep pace. As my husband reminded me this week, God doesn't care if I am "on track" (that's my good girl mentality forcing me to achieve in a timely manner)... God only cares that I am spending time with Him in His word. With that new perspective, the readings this week have been great.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! I am actually caught up this week at checkin time!
Thanks so much for everything and have a wonderful week everyone!

Sarah Joy

TN Quiltbug said...

I just read through Psalms 119 this morning--SO very beautiful!

I am keeping up with the reading schedule--amazing, really, because there have been several days when I overslept and only got out of bed at the same time I normally would be finishing my Bible reading. I didn't think there would be ANY way I could get my reading in on those days, but God has blessed and somehow it has all squeezed in anyway, in spite of my accidental oversleeping!

Am really enjoying reading Psalms--I love this book! Looking forward to Isaiah as well! :) Praying for all who are spending time in God's Word.

Laura said...

I'm on track. I was behind by a day this week, but was able to catch up. It's hard not to be discouraged when I'm behind, but it helps to remember that we're choosing to do this, not being forced & that it gives God glory when we read his word.

Michelle T said...

I am on track. Had a realllllly long and stressful day, so I will try to comment more tomorrow,

Jessica D said...

Just finishing Job tonight! Glad to know that there are a couple of make up days built in, though hopefully I can get caught up and not need them :)

connie said...

I'm picking up steam again...because I love the Psalms! And once we hit the NT, then I'm completely engrossed, in awe of God's grace and Jesus' sacrifice. Thanks againe, Tracye, for your encouragement and prayers. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sheri D. said...

I had every intention of updating yesterday, but before I knew it the day had passed by, and I fell asleep before checking in. :/ I am, however, on track and loving the Psalms! So good to hear so many of you are caught up or catching up or hanging in there and persevering!! That is awesome!

I do have a prayer request. I hate asking for prayer for myself lol, but I have to. With returning from vacation last week and heading straight into my daughter's birthday week, the big 5 ;), I am just exhausted. I have been fighting a stinking cold on top of it so coughing has had me not getting good sleep. Ugh. So, now that I am done whining lol, would you just pray that I am able to get caught up on house chores, rest, exercise, etc? Just all the things that have slipped down the list from busyness, sickness, etc. This momma feels like she has been run over by a semi! Lol I know you all know the feeling. Thanks for the prayers and listening to me whine. ;)

Tristine Fleming said...

Checking in. I am a few days behind, as we spent last week 3x in the ER, 2x at the doctor's, and a trip to a Specialist for our 2 year old son. We still have no answers and no relief from his pain. We're beyond frustrated. However, I have been in the Word everyday, I just don't have a LOT of time to keep at it when I've been so exhausted from all this stuff going on. I refuse to give up!! :)

Shannon Copeland Clayton said...

I am so late checking in!! Sorry!

I am still behind! Please pray for me! The devil is really fighting me wanting me to just give up, but I can't let him win!