Friday, February 3, 2012

Full Disclosure Friday

Full Disclosure Friday.

One of my favorite homeschooling websites/blogs has a full disclosure Friday.  It's where the readers admit to a failure or to something they just can't imagine they are telling another person.  Yet, it typically ends up being something that many of us, when brave enough to admit it, are also guilty of.

Today, I have a disclosure of truth as well.  Many of you B90 readers are going to probably smile at this one! 

I STRUGGLE greatly with the Old Testament.  I get bogged down in the history, repetitiveness, constant killing, gore, sacrifices, genealogy, etc..

I KNOW they are important.  I KNOW they have extreme value.  I KNOW that it is important to not SKIP any parts.  I KNOW those things....

Yet, the temptation still remains.  I want to *rush* through and get to the parts I like better.  THAT is my full disclosure Friday admission.

However, oh my goodness......when I DO take the time to slow down, I've never been disappointed in what God shows me. 

This is my 4th time participating in B90.  I am STILL amazed with what I learn each time and how "old" things look  "new".

We are just finishing up Chronicles and this is one of those times that I would love to rush, skip, or put less effort in.  Thank goodness I didn't.  I saw things that touched my heart like never before.

Specifically, I love the story of Solomon.  I love how he prayed for wisdom and not only did the Lord grant that prayer, but he also give him wealth and splendor like none had ever seen.  That story always inspires me.  It encourages me so often to keep my focus and priorities in the right order and that God WILL provide the rest as well.  So much could be said about Solomon and his legacy. 

However, it is another part of the story that caught my attention for the VERY first time.  I think I missed the depth of this verse EVERY other time. 

You see, there was another part to the story of why Solomon was so successful.

His father prayed. 

1 Chronicles 29: 10-20

Most specifically vs. 19 is what truly spoke to me. 

"Give my son Solomon the wholehearted desire to obey all your commands, laws, and decrees...."

The passage as a whole is the entire prayer....but that verse GRASPED my heart.  I missed it every other time.

He prayed for his son.  Before Solomon ever became king, his father prayed for his role. 

I know the value of praying for my children.  I know that there is no one else on this earth that can petition God on their behalf anymore than their mother and father. 

Yet, I realize that I'm too caught up in TODAY.  I'm too often praying for THIS moment.  Many days we are in survival mode and our needs are immediate.   That is typical.  Parenting is hard AND it is impossible with out God.  No way around it.

However, I realize that I'm failing to think beyond this moment.  I need to be praying more often for their roles in the future.  More about things in the long-run and less about THIS moment.  I need to be praying more about things that LAST.  Yes, it's absolutely necessary to pray about day to day things.  Couldn't survive otherwise! 

I should be praying for them in their roles as mothers and
I should be praying for their future
I should be praying for their vocation, ministry role, and for God to be preparing them for whatever His task is for
I should be praying for their faith to withstand the onslaught of the

The list can go on indefinitely.

The Bible says that Solomon was granted a wise and understanding heart that no one else had ever had or ever would have.  God granted it on behalf of the prayer that he prayed when he first became king.  I also believe *THAT* moment of prayer was inspired by the prayer that his father had prayed before.  The prayer of his father paved the way for Solomon's heart to be seeking God in its full capacity.

Full Disclosure Friday:  If I had rushed through Chronicles, I would have missed it. 


TN Quiltbug said...

I so much appreciate your sharing this. I really missed that point when reading, so I am glad you brought it to my attention!

Kevin said...

I saw the same thing but I don't know if we discussed that particular part. Seems like as we are reading God is revealing some of the same things to us. Now hurry up and write a post about 2 Chronicles. Our conversation last night confirmed that again God has revealed again the He is in control and most the time we just need to let Him fight the battles.