Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frugal Homeschool Tip!

One fairly common need in the homeschooling circle is the reality that you HAVE to be frugal.  I recently had a conversation with several friends and I was surprised when they didn't know this "frugal" tip to save money.  So this is just a VERY quick post to share it just in case YOU haven't thought of it before!

Sheet Protectors and Dry Erase Markers are essential!

How many times do you invest money in a workbook that it takes just a few seconds to complete a page?  Or what if your young child is just learning the basics of writing and needs LOTS of practice (I have a reluctant, left-handed 5 year old boy that this applies to!!!)? 

With my older kids, we went through workbooks so fast that I couldn't keep up with the cost.  I would go to Dollar Tree type stores and buy them inexpensively, but the quality was so lacking.  I love more costly workbooks (especially Kumon and Sylvan Learning), but to just use them once seems like a waste of money to me.  Also, with more than one child I hate to use things JUST once.

Simple page protectors solve that problem.  For pages that I tear out of the book (which I try to do most often with my left-handed child since he finds that more comfortable), I just slip it in the page protector and he is good to go.  Plus, for some reason he will happily write with a dry erase marker, but is hesitant with a pencil!

Many times, I will remove all the pages from a book and three hole punch them and put them in a binder.  Most especially if it's something I know that he will benefit from using multiple times.

For the other pages, the ones that I don't want to remove from the book or can't (library books, text books, or borrowed books) I use a Pendaflex plastic presentation folder.  It easily slips on either side of the book page!

There you go....just an easy tip to help save money.  You may already know this one, or it may be something new to you! 

What is YOUR favorite frugal homeschool tip that uses "ordinary" household objects or easily available items?

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TN Quiltbug said...

I love being able to purchase curriculum cheaply in downloads. Then you can print out just what you need--for however many kids you want it for. I use Curriclick, and my favorite thing I have purchased from them is items from the Scripture Adventures company. I used to think it costs too much ink to print stuff out for homeschool, but I started watching the sales at Staples, and now I ALWAYS get my printer paper for free, and use my accumulated Staples Rewards dollars for purchasing our ink. (You will also get a small reward back when you recycle your empty ink cart. with them.) No longer am I fearful of costing too much in printing things out! :)