Sunday, February 26, 2012

B90 Check in Week 9 (Monday 2/27/12)

This week's assignment:

Monday  Jeremiah 33:23-Jeremiah 47:7
Tuesday  Jeremiah 48:1-Lamentations 1:22
Wednesday Lamentations 2:1-Ezekial 12:20
Thursday  Ezekiel 12:21-Ezekiel 23:39
Friday  Ezekiel 23:40-Ezekeal 35:15
Saturday  Ezekiel 36:1-Ezekiel 47:12
Sunday Ezekiel 47:13-Daniel 8:27

This is almost it....just keep holding on!  Just one more week and we will be ready to dive in to the NEW TESTAMENT and the life of Christ!

This week we find ourselves finishing Jeremiah, completing Lamentations and Ezekiel, and starting Daniel.  We will pass the mark of being 2/3 finished.  Isn't that amazing? 

Can you look back and pinpoint moments that God's word completely touched your heart?  Are there times that you just were overwhelmed with gratitude for things that He revealed?  Oh yes...there are DEFINITELY questions and have been struggles in getting this far, but what an amazing journey it has been!

This week and last week, quite a few of you let me know that you officially dropped out.  I wanted to be discouraged.  I wondered if maybe I should stop reading as well.  My own circumstances the last few weeks have made it very difficult to keep up.  I decided I couldn't quit.  I've come too far and His word means TOO much.  It has been causing too many positive life changes and heart changes.  I'm also not discouraged about our numbers.  I'm choosing to focus on how far each of you came.  My heart DOES hurt for you because I hate to see so many hard circumstances that came in the way.  As I've told many of you, NO amount of time is wasted.  God was with you EACH minute and He will be with you through the circumstances that have made continuing too difficult.  He was also be there with you as you continue to read at a much slower pace.  I believe it!!!! 

For those still hanging in with us......keep hanging in!  It doesn't matter if you three weeks behind....just don't quit.  Some of you ARE celebrating being caught up (and I WILL be caught up 100% by tomorrow morning, I'm currently about 1 day behind).  I'm proud of you.  This is NOT an easy task.  However, it's WORTH our time. 

I know for myself, even though I've made it through this challenge multiple times, there is nothing as life changing as being so constantly in His word.  What goes in, must come out.  When you are filling your heart full of scripture, it comes out when you need it most.  It has given me a connection to Him that is unbreakable.  It's easier to feel in touch with Him when you are spending a large quantity of time with Him.  It's been amazing.  It's been hard at times to keep up, but it's been SO VERY worth the effort. 

As always, each of you continue to be on my heart and in my prayers.  Even those of you that have decided this challenge is too much for you right now, I'm still praying.  I'm praying that God keeps you close through the storms you are facing.  For those of you that are still hanging in, I'm praying that you are renewed and that you keep feeling Him in powerful ways!

Have a great week!

See you next week as we get ready to jump in to the life of Christ in the New Testament!  What a joy!


TN Quiltbug said...

I'm still here--and I'm NOT quitting! Thank you so much for your prayers! I know they are the main reason I have not already quit, since my life is just on such an accelerated pace recently.

Appreciate the reminder that we will be into the New Testament next week--can't believe it! This is very encouraging to me, because today in my reading it was just so sad--God's prophet being thrown into a pit, the city being destroyed, etc. I only like "happy ending" stories! Glad to know there IS a happy ending to this story--and it's coming!

Garbage in, garbage out. God's Word in, God's Word out. That's what I want!

gyopo said...

Hi. This is Sam from Korea. I'm 2 or 3 days behind (currently reading Jeremiah 12). Some days, I am not motivated to read...but when I get back in God's Word, I am thankful that I haven't quit.

Robin said...

Hello, everyone! It's been interesting to see how the comments have become less and less. I know this is super tough. Wanted to encourage everyone to keep reading no matter the pace! Tracye, YOU are an encouragement to us all! Having this place to check in each week is motivation for me! Busy week in our house with family in from out of town, so I'm in Jeremiah 10. Going to read tonight and hoping to be in Jeremiah 20 by the time I shut my eyes!

Loving all the foreshadowing of Christ. It's been in the previous books, but Isaiah and Jeremiah are SO apparent. Also, since we are currently struggling to get pregnant (for the second time), am a bit overwhelmed by the MILLION mentions of the barren womb. That makes reading tough, but just read the passage where the Lord is encouraging the barren woman saying that He is her husband and her children and a greater blessing than an earthly family.

If anyone is interested, I just listened to a great sermon by Rev. Tim Keller in NYC on this passage.

Sheri D. said...

Ooooooh, my goodness!!I just wrote this novel of a comment, and the cyber world ate it. I will try to say quickly what I was trying to say. Basically, it was just saying thank you, Tracy, so much for sticking with us and being SUCH an amazing B90 leader. I know God put me in this very group for a reason, and I am so thankful He did. I feel like, in some ways, I have known you guys forever. I think that is also the coolness of being in the family of Christ showing through, but this group is just amazing. I know I am supposed to be here. God is doing great things through you, Tracy! I am praying for you each and every day, and I am praying for all my fellow B90 sisters in Christ every single day that we will persevere and that God will reveal to us what He wants to in His word as we go through it.

I am caught up. I, too, am enjoying the foreshadowing of Christ's coming. It is getting me super excited to get into the New Testament next week! I can't wait!! Well, this is shorter and sweeter than the last post that got eaten lol, but I need to get my little one ready for school now. Praying for you guys! I am so thankful for each and every one of you and so very thankful for this group!! Praying for the ones who had to back out. I hope they continue reading at their own pace and that God will be with them in each of their individual trials. <3

connie said...

Honestly, I can't believe I'm still caught up! But I'm praising the Lord for giving me the energy to get up early. I've also added morning exercise back into my schedule this week (it's one of the things I gave up to be able to keep reading). We are only a short ways from the New Testament, ya'll, and that's so exciting!!!!!

Laura said...

Yikes! I am soo behind! I'm only in the beginning. I'm not totally discouraged and plan to catch up. Prayers are always appreciated. :)

Debbie said...

I'm sorry I haven't checked in for the last couple of weeks. I'm really behind, but I didn't want you to think I dropped out. I don't know what happened but there were a few days where I didn't even remember to read at all!! And I'm kicking myself now. But I'm not giving up so don't worry. ~Debbie

Michelle T said...

Well, I have not completed today's reading, but I am otherwise up to date. That is something I am proud of, for a couple of reasons. First, last week was a bear: several 12-16 hour days at work, and then I came down with a cold (lots of sleeping and feeling yucky, not much reading). Second, this is about as far as I have ever gotten in my past attempts at B90.

I was a little scared when I got behind last week. I know from past experience how quickly it can snowball until you feel hopelessly behind. Also, I tend to struggle in Isaiah and Jeremiah. I always feel like I am missing something, knowing that there are prophecies of Christ (I see some, but I always think that there are more that I am not picking up on). Then, knowing how so many others have been struggling (and now knowing that some have dropped out), well, I was afraid that I might not be able to catch up.

So, I am thrilled (and relieved!) that I am reading today's assignment today. I plan to finish it before I go to sleep tonight, but even if I don't, I know that I will only have a few extra chapters to read tomorrow, and I can manage that.

It is such an encouragement to me that all of you are still here ... especially those who are behind. Your faithfulness and perserverance inspire me. As difficult as it can be at times to fit in the daily assignment, I know how much harder it is to add in extra reading when you are trying to catch up.

Keep it up, everyone!

Nancy said...

I always enjoy reading the weekly comments - you are all so encouraging even when you are behind in the reading or have had personal struggles during the week. Keep it up even if you are behind! I am on track. Reading through the OT like this has impressed me how the Israelites were constantly cycling between obedience and then disobedience. God, please make me sensitive to being obedient to your plan and leading in my life! I don't want to be stiff-necked like the Israelites. Thanks for your encouragement each week, Tracye!

Shannon said...

I would first like to offer my sincerest apologies to each of you in our group, and especially to Tracye for not checking in the past few weeks. So much going on, but I wanted to let everyone know that while I am still behind in the reading, I am still here and am still dedicated to reading through the entire Bible cover to cover once again. Please know that I sincerely appreciate everyone's continued prayers for my entire family and I continue to pray over each of you as well.

Abundant Blessings!

Tracye said...

It thrills me so much to hear from more of you this week. So glad some more of you are STILL hanging in! Fantastic news! I also have had a couple of email check-ins from some that haven't been able to check in for awhile. Such a boost to hear that more of you are still on this journey! I'm back on track as well (haven't finished today's reading, but it's still early!).

Angela K said...

Just wanted to check in. I'm in Psalms, which is good, because it's helping me battle the depression I feel myself slipping into (and WON'T by God's grace).

Just reaching out...

~Angela K

Kelly Kaufmann said...

I'm still with you - right on track. Actually "enjoying" Jeremiah very much. I like when God just says it plain. Ha! - Kelly K

Tristine Fleming said...

I've decided NOT to try and kill myself to catch up for all the time we lost with our son's illness. I've been in the Word whenever I'm able to get in. So instead, I'm taking that second grace day, and I'm going to just be a few days behind...but I'm NOT giving up!

Tracye said...

Angela: Psalms does the very same thing for me. Anytime I feel myself slipping into that nasty pit of depression (which I've battled MANY times), Psalms seems to be the greatest help in restoring my heart! Kelly: most EXCELLENT news! Tristine: I think you've made a great decision in taking some of the pressure off. A few extra days to finish is STILL well worth it. As a mom, our priorities get shuffled when our children need us! God UNDERSTANDS that!