Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update #1 from Facebook "Fast"

I thought I'd write this post as an update to how things are in my "break" from facebook---a fast of sorts.  Several have asked in person or emailed me to find out if I survived! 

Yesterday, plain and simple was HARD.  I stopped counting at 50---the number of times I automatically reached for my phone or went to click on the link on the computer.  The "hand" habit is going to be the hardest to break.  It is crazy to admit, but nearly almost every thought yesterday was consumed by Facebook. 

Today, I report something surprising.  I did notice myself automatically grabbing my phone or flipping between webpage.  Yet, it happened probably less than 15 times.  Unbelievable!  I didn't even think of it much today UNLESS I was actually sitting at the computer working on something OR if I was sitting and waiting for something while I was out (which is when I spent LOTS of time on it). 

The results:  my head IS much clearer today.  I HAVE been able to complete many more full thoughts.  My level of agitation has been so much less.  I haven't been caught up so much of the negativity that was crowding out the good. 

I did have a couple of times that I wanted to update a status with something funny or inspirational.  I also took a couple of pictures and I typically automatically upload them.  I wanted to check in with a friend (which I did, but I had to go about it differently).  I DID send my husband a MEGA stack of emails throughout the day.  :)

A couple of times I did miss the inspiration I do so often crave, but I filled those gaps by praying and by going to specific blogs or websites that I do typically see while on facebook.  It just wasn't as convenient.

I will be back on---just still don't know when that will be.  It won't be before I have COMPLETELY broken the habit of always having it on or reaching for my phone.  One of the VERY first things I typically do every morning is log-on.  This morning I can honestly say it WAS NOT my first thought.  I've already been able to create a bit of white space around me. 

I know I should have been obedient to God WAY before now.  His spirit put this in my heart a LONG time ago, but I resisted.  Better late than never.  Once again, I know I've learned a powerful lesson.  I should be obedient IMMEDIATELY! 

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Debbie said...

I thought I posted a comment on your original Facebook-fast post but I don't see it. My husband quit a little over six months ago and his family didn't even notice for a while! His mother was the one who told me to sign up so they could "keep in touch" with me, but I could count on one hand how many times they've written on my Facebook. I have other ways to get a hold of my "friends" besides Facebook (like you mentioned as well) so I think we would do just fine without it, either temporarily or permanently. I'm really proud of you that you're noticing the desire to check it is dwindling. ~Debbie