Saturday, February 11, 2012

What is THAT?

This post is a bit different. Instead of writing *my* thoughts about a particular topic, I'm asking YOUR thoughts.

We've been a fan of Sidewalk Prophets for the last several years. With some of the members having local ties, we've been blessed to see them in various venues.

When I heard this song last week, I literally had a break down. It was one of THOSE songs that got me right in the soul and was saying some of the things that echoes what my heart desires.

I want to live like THAT. It says so well what I hope that others see in me. Often as I fail, I hope that people can still see my intention and my heart.

Specifically, the verse that starts at 1:40 is what I want to ask about.

I've been having this similar conversation with people, it's been mentioned in different forms at church more recently, and it's something that I've been personally thinking about for quite some time.

"People pass and even if they don't know my name, is there evidence that I've been changed. When they see me do they see you?"

My question is this:

If we want to live like this (which I do), what can others see that shows that WE ARE DIFFERENT?

I want to live so that when I walk by a stranger (or anyone else) that they recognize something different about me. What does THAT look like is my question.

What can they see?

Is it a smile that comes from the inside out? Is it being kind, having manners, being polite? Is it being gracious, thoughtful, and encouraging? Is it by serving? Is it by being dressed modestly?

OR is it MORE than that?

What does it take for Jesus to shine from the inside out so that the world can feel it? How does the world see and know that I am different without my even mentioning Christ and His love for us? What do they see and feel just by walking by that shows that I am different...that I am reflecting HIM?

I want this to be ME. As much as we've talked about it recently in different circles about how we should be striving to be LIKE question is WHAT IS THAT?

(P.S. I love EVERY aspect of this song. It is INCREDIBLE! I think I could blog about each sentence!)

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Kevin said...

I have given this a lot of thought this weekend. We touched on it briefly but seems this weekend went by so quick and we didnt get deep on any discussions. Ok I couldnt stay awake for any discussions. Anyway I am still trying to determine what is it that makes "them" different. I want to say just an overpowering joy in every situation. I think the difference is a peace that does pass all understanding and they just eminate a security in themselves and in every situation. Just wish I could bottle it up and hand it out on Sunday morning or even on the street. You have that joy and those that know you see God in you and know that you are different. So in closing I can say Tracye you are one of "those" people and I love you for it.