Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Say Yes to Something, May Mean FIRST Saying NO

In the effort to "Scrape the Plate" (here), so many things have been up in the air.  I'm re-evaluating EVERY aspect of life.  Looking to see where God is leading and where I'm letting my own emotions lead the way.

Even good things, REALLY great things have to be taken off the list at times. 

Learning to say, "no", is so very hard for me.  Excruciating.  Gut-wrenching.  Soul-dividing.

Today, I did.  I'm stunned.  I KNOW I made the right decision for our family, but yet it was still so incredibly hard.   I sure hope saying "no" gets easier, because I know there are more of those ahead. 

Though I have incredible peace, it's still a strange place to be in.  Yet, I know that God has a reason, a purpose, and something different in place.  THAT confidence in Him makes moving a different direction exciting.  The greatest part of saying "no" is that I didn't say "no" out of spite or out of not wanting to serve or be used by Him.  I instead was saying "yes" to His plan for me and our family right now. 

My printer and computer are no longer communicating, so I've had to constantly email my husband with links of things I need printed.  Today, I had him print something for me that I had found as encouragment with some things I'm working through right now.  In the process, he found something else that he knew would speak to my heart.
By saying, "no", I said "yes" to our family:  to give myself more of a chance of LIVING WELL in my GOD ORDAINED role of motherhood. 

Sometimes, seeing things in black and white, on paper makes decisions SO very easy.   To say yes to something important, I had to first say no to something that was also important---but not nearly as important as what I said yes family. 


Kevin said...

Just want to let you know that there are times when being a mother\teacher to 3 kids, a wife, a friend to many, a mentor, and a woman of God is plenty to have to focus on without doing anything else. That is a huge undertaking all on it's own and don't ever forget that.

Tracye said...

YOU are such a blessing. Nothing else to say. I'm so thankful you've helped me work through so many of this thoughts and helped me re-evaluate my value and priorities. Stronger. Together. As always.