Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Month of Gratitude: Day 9

Today I'm thankful for the written word.  Most specifically HANDWRITTEN!  In our technology driven world, it has become a lost art!  Nothing gives my heart a greater boost than to receive a handwritten note, letter, or card in the mail.  I'm old fashioned I guess!  I LOVE communicating by email, texts, and blogs...but there is JUST something about a handwritten note.  I'm still trying to take the time to send cards out on most Thursdays.  It warms my soul to write them and it gives me a personal connection with the recipient.  I also LOVE to leave notes for Kevin (either on our dry erase board or cards/letters) and I get completely GIDDY with excitement when he has left them for me.  I love the times that I go out to get the mail and find a note or card from someone.  It brings about an instant smile and encouragement.  Though I would also enjoy hearing from them by email, just to see their handwriting makes it that much more special.  Yes, I'm a nerd....and proud of it!  Perhaps, I was born in the wrong era?  Nah, I also LOVE my technology!  Many schools are no longer teaching cursive writing, but that is something I will not be skipping in my kids curriculum!  Today I'm thankful for those that inspired me to love "writing" and for those that have taken the time to send me notes in recent months.  Thank you. 

My love of writing and ALL things cards....led me to create a letter box by upcycling a clementine crate on Sunday afternoon.  I enjoyed taking the time to "craft" and now a FEW of my favorite note cards are together waiting to find recipients in the coming weeks! 

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PJsMommy said...

Very cool! Love it!