Monday, November 15, 2010

Month of Gratitude: Day 15

Day 15:  I'm thankful that through the storms of life, that I have someone to turn to.  As overly emotional as I have been today and as difficult as I know some things ahead MAY be, God is absolutely in control.  I don't have to understand the "whys" and all of my flesh is screaming against everything going on.  However, He is at work and He is NOT about to leave us alone.  I'm on a roller coaster right now (and in real life I HATE NOTHING MORE!) and as much as I want to get off, I still have some peace.  It doesn't diminish my concern, but it comforts me GREATLY. 

Tonight, despite the heaviness I'm feeling....God has been at work.  Kevin received a GREAT emotional blessing today from someone that he loves dearly.  I'm so overwhelmed that God provided that for him.  HE NEEDED that boost!  I needed to see him have that moment.

I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to get my wild little man to go to sleep.  He's wound up and bouncing more than Tigger.  He obviously is feeding off of my emotions and I'm doing my best to recognize that and not add to the problem.  Just a few minutes ago he whispered something in my ear and I had to make him repeat it because it gave me REAL goosebumps.  It was one of those moments that I KNOW God was speaking to me....and he used my precious 4 year old as his vessel.  He said "My help comes from the Lord".  It wasn't prompted and it isn't an actual verse we have been working on at home.  He obviously learned it at church, but God used THIS moment to reveal it.   He has proven yet again that HE is just a heartbeat away AND the reminder is something that is going to STICK with me! 

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