Friday, November 5, 2010

Month of Gratitude: Day 5

Today I'm most thankful for......the Internet!  OK----I realize that's an odd thing to be thankful for but that is one of the top things on my list. 

I think back to how isolated I was on this journey of motherhood and especially home schooling.  It was a very DARK lonely time that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  Living in the country certainly didn't help. 

I'm most thankful for facebook and the blog world.  Frivolous?  Maybe.  Life-saver?  Absolutely in my book!  Because of facebook, I've had an entire world re-opened to me and in the mean time my heart has grown tremendously.  I have been able to reconnect with special friends that I may never have found again.  One particular friend I have NEVER met in person, but we developed a God-designed friendship years ago online and lost contact with our MANY moves.  I feel unbelievably grateful to have her back in my life because she is truly one of the greatest cheerleaders in my life. 

I am thankful for the connection that I've built with extended family that I seldom see.  Two specific ladies that I feel a GREAT connection with I would have most likely never realized how special they were without facebook and blogs.   I'm also thankful for the connection it has created with Kevin's dad. 

I am thankful for the friendships it has strengthened.  Some of the dearest people in my life have come about by getting to know them more deeply from FB and blogs. 

I am thankful that it also one of the greatest sources of support----more than I ever dreamed!  I can't tell you how many times I've had a spiritual need and post something and with in a matter of minutes feel God moving.  Countless other times I've been struggling with something and it never fails that someone in my circle has posted JUST what I need to hear, directly touching my heart.  EVEN in someone else's struggles, I've been touched.  It has been the greatest source of joy (it's easy to find something to TRULY make you laugh!) on many days.  It has been the greatest source of keeping my priorities in the right place.  Either through blogs or facebook, I've read what so many people have said and it has made me examine my own life and see if God was speaking to me about needing to make a change.  Also if your life is an open book, you best be living a life worth seeing.  It's caused me to be more purposeful in how I live my life.  I'm open to sharing my successes as well as the many more times that I fail. 

The internet/blogs/facebook all have been a great encouragement for this stay at home, home-school mom.  It's VERY easy to get overwhelmed in your own four walls and bogged down at the task at hand.   If I don't know how to do something....someone else does.  If I need's easily found.  If I need to feel not so alone...someone is going through the same thing that I am battling.  If I need an educational/teaching's EASILY found in abundance.  Need to know how to save money, do something frugal, or need a recipe...oh my, that is VERY easily found!   Need to express something on your about it.  Who cares if no one else ever reads it!

I also love how it allows my husband and I to connect.  He knows what is going on in my typical day.  I can support him and vice -versa.  I can banter back and forth with him and enjoy doing that often.  It keeps us connected in a world that has us moving at hyper-speed.  I can post a message to him on FB, and it WILL get his attention since it also goes to his phone and by email.  IT will catch him wherever he is...catching him in his office is IMPOSSIBLE at best.  Catching him on his cell phone is not as easy as the Verizon commercial shows...Can you hear me now?  Most likely not.  Catch him by email----well that would require his email system to actually be working.  What almost always works?  The "normal" internet....not his company network.  So, I know that even if it's "I love you...hurry home"....he's going to get that message and know that I'm thinking of him.   He can read my blogs and know what deep thought has been bogging my brain down that I've not been able to sit down and talk about.  Kids have a way of interrupting that.  I am also a "writer" and not a "talker" so many times.  It's written down and still there hours later when we both are more able to connect.....and otherwise that time may have never come. 

So yes.....I'm thankful for facebook.  It's not a deep, normal thing to be grateful for....but it's on my list.  Hey, some people couldn't make it a few hours without a Starbucks....for me it's the cyper-space addiction!

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