Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This song has been constantly in my heart for at least the last week or two. I keep waking up with the first verse going through my head.

It's really a simple song. Not many words. Yet, it is SO deep.

I remember how the words just pulled at me several years ago when I was so lost in depression and I didn't know if I would ever find my way out. I constantly sang the words as a life-line of remembering how powerful His light and OH how I wanted it to shine on me.

Earlier this week when reading for B90 in Exodus, I was drawn back to this song.

In chapter 33, the Bible says that the LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. I don't know about you, but that grabs me deeply. For those of you that share my southern roots, you might call that Holy Ghost Goosebumps!

That chapter goes on to talk about how Moses asked for the Lord to show him His glorious presence. The Lord told him that He would reveal himself, but that he could not look at Him directly in the face. It continues into chapter 34 with the description in verse 29 that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai that his face was RADIANT. He himself was unaware of the radiance. His face had such a radiant glow that he had to wear a veil, except when he would return to speak with the Lord.

Though many things have touched my heart in these last 8 days, this one has really continued to reach my innermost being the more I think about.


When he left the presence of the Lord, the people of Israel could tell because of the radiant glow of his face.

(These same verses in Exodus will be important and referred to when we get to 2 Corinthians 3. It's one of those great examples of the Old Testament and New Testament connecting together. )

The word radiant/radiance is what has captured my attention.

I love that word!

When I think of some of the most beautiful women I know, I often describe them as radiant. We often refer to the radiant glow of some pregnant woman ( I wasn't one of those...I was a beached whale!). We might even talk about how the eyes of some people just have a radiant sparkle.

Bright. Luminescent. Resplendent. Shiny. Gleaming. Effulgent (I only remember this one because it was one of my daughter's 8th grade vocabulary words).

To me the word often means beauty. A beauty that shines from the inside out.

That is the same radiance that I want to have when I've spent time with God. THAT is how I want people to describe me. I WANT them to be able to tell that I've been in the presence of the Lord by spending time one-on-one with Him. I want it to be obvious whom I serve. I want it to be apparent that His spirit is living within me. Set apart. A radiant glow.

Yet, I think of how often that isn't true. How often I instead am dull and blend in with the world. I think of how often I have rushed around and let demands on my time or my own selfish desires keep me from spending time with Him. I lhave lost the luster. I have lost the sparkle.

It reminds me of my diamond wedding/engagement ring. (This mostly comes to mind because of the sadness last week when my wedding ring broke into two complete pieces and had to be put away while we save for it to be fixed. Though it won't be soon....I'm thankful I didn't lose the pieces!) How quickly it loses it's shine when the dirt and grime of the day coat it. The "world" attaches it's filth to it. However, with just a little bit of cleaning and attention it shines and catches the light. In bright light it will reflect and glow.

Just like us. The world beats us down. Some people enjoy throwing wet blankets on us to try and put out the fire of our faith----some by choice and some without even realizing they do it. Sin separates us from God. Our selfish natures block us from the blessings God has for us. Satan attacks at us and wears us down. We overstretch ourselves.


Just like a diamond will sparkle with TLC, so can we. Time with Him restores our luminosity. Repentance and forgiveness. Grace. His LIGHT shining on us restores OUR radiance. We can walk with His light shining from within us so that the world KNOWS we've been in His presence.

Just as the words from the above song say....

LORD, let your light. Light of your face, shine on us.............(to find our way in the darkness night!).

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Debbie said...

What a beautiful song and gorgeous video!! The word "Radiant" was one of the messages Charlotte the spider wrote in her web for the pig Wilbur, that's what the word reminds me of too. ~Debbie