Sunday, January 8, 2012

B90 Check in Week 2 (Monday 1-9-12)

I spent the last several minutes making my list (I'm notorious for to-do lists!) of what I needed to do tonight, tomorrow and a general plan of the direction I need to head this week.  I was somewhat taken back to realize that today is already Sunday AND that we are moving into week 2 of B90 already.  Time really is FLYING!

Week 2! 

Did God totally amaze you last week with things that were sitting in His word just waiting for your heart to hear?  He DEFINITELY did me!  I can't get over how much more this challenge means to me each time I do it. 

I'll be honest and admit that last week was overwhelming for me as I got to know many of you a bit more.  I care so much for each of you that have taken on this challenge.  I'm so very thankful for how you have OPENLY shared your hearts with me.  Emotionally processing it was hard, because I CARE and want to make sure that God is using me in His way.  Thank you for your openness!  I am absolutely praying for each of you.  For some of you, I'd give anything to change some of the situations and obstacles you are facing.  I can't do it....but I am storming heaven for you!  I'm believing in faith that each of you CAN complete this challenge AND find your hearts strengthened, encouraged, and closer to God through each page. 

Though I was overwhelmed at first with getting things organized and my heart being heavy for each of you, something amazing has happened in the process.  When I open up His word, I find calm.  I find focus and strength.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I KNOW that is how it works.  Yet, I'm thankful and I'm moved that it never fails.  His word is healing.  His word is strength.  It brings direction, focus, and HOPE.  Granted, some times it's a bit hard.  It's easy to get a little lost (especially in the coming days of the "harder" parts to read of the New Testament).  It's easy to get sidetracked by demands on our time.  It's even hard at times to resist the temptation to QUIT because Satan starts his attacks.  He's definitely been in full force mode on my life and I know many of you are feeling it as well.  But oh is worth EVERY second we spend!

Just hold on.  Don't give up.  Keep reading. 

Look how far you have come in just one week.  Look at the commitment you have made and the fact that you didn't just "say" you were going to do it.  You've done it.  A little bit behind?  That's ok!  You can definitely catch up! 

I'm proud of EACH of you for committing and starting.  Keep it up!!!!

I can't wait to hear from each of you checking in this week!  I think about 90% of you checked in on the blog or by email last week.  That was fantastic!

A couple of quick things:  please be sure to include your name if you use the anonymous posting.  I DO have comment moderation turned "on", so your comments do not immediately show up.  If you can't check in on Mondays, I don't mind if you check in later in the week!  Some of your schedules prevent you from having much online time on Mondays.  That is OK!  Don't let "little" details stress you out!  :) 

This week's SOAP observations, background information, encouragement, etc... from MomsToolBox can be found here

This weeks reading schedule:
  • Monday Leviticus 1:1-14:32
  • Tuesday Leviticus 14:33-26:26
  • Wednesday Leviticus 26:27-Numbers 8:14
  • Thursday Numbers 8:15-21:7
  • Friday Numbers 21:8-32:19
  • Saturday  Numbers 32:20-Deuteronomy 7:26
  • Sunday Deuteronomy 8:1-23:11
Also-----thank you for the many kind words and encouragement many of you have offered me.  Thank you for the support and encouragement you are showing each other!


Shannon said...

I am on track with the B90 reading and I am absolutely loving being back in God's word every day! I am so thankful that I am doing the B90 reading once again, and it is truly amazing how God chooses to speak directly to me through new verses each time. Thank you once again Tracye for hosting this! Everyday I look forward to reading the Bible and find myself picking it up to read quite often throughout the day. Most days I just continue reading and find myself a little ahead of schedule because I don't want to stop reading, and quite often in doing this I am finding that God has much more for me to hear and to bless me with on any given day...and for that I am all the more grateful.

Abundant Blessings to Tracye and everyone in our group! May you each find God and his love speaking directly to you, your life, and/or your circumstances as we cover each word He has to offer and bless our lives with.

connie said...

Checking in for week 2. Monday done! Ain't gonna lie...I struggle with Leviticus every time, all the details of burnt offerings and cleansing. Can I just say thank You, Jesus, for saving us by grace!!! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Mary L said...

Checking in! I just finished yesterday's reading this morning. I've had a very hard week, in that we learned my younger brother has cancer and will be operated on on January 20. I request prayers from all you prayer warriors out there, please. Anyway, I finished up then came here and read your words, Tracye, about the calming effects of being in the Word. Just the encouragement I needed to hear! Thanks so much for allowing God to speak to me through you.

Debbie said...

Hi Tracye, checking in. I totally agree with you - as soon as I start reading, I'm calm and I don't feel so much pressure from everything else I need to do.

In the first week's reading, I got to read my favorite story in Gen. 28 about Jacob, when he realized God was with him everywhere! He was so comforted by that thought that it didn't even bother him using a ROCK for a pillow. That story always takes me back to my "Jacob moment" and it just makes me want to dance knowing God is with me. I want to stand on a corner holding a cardboard sign that says "God is EVERYWHERE!"

I also marked Ex. 14:14 The Lord is fighting for you! So be still!

All of the passages about the specific measurements of the altar and the clothes and the buildings were very boring but at the end of Ex. 29 it talks about how others will know that the Lord is their God by them following these instructions and that God brought them out of Egypt and misery so he could live with them. So there's a reason for the instructions, and it makes me feel good to know that others can see God's with me by how I live.

Have a good week! ~Debbie

Charlene said...

I'm checking in now while I have the time and internet access! I'm slightly behind-from Saturday night I am generally pre-occupied with Sunday stuff--but I hope to catch up and get ahead enough by next Sunday that it won't matter if I'm pre-occupied!

Thanks for hosting and holding us accountable!


Anonymous said...

This is Carrie Smith and I am checking in along side my husband Adam who has joined me on this incredible journey through God's incredible Word! He has shown us so much in such a short time we are blown away. We are having some attacks but stand strong and believe He is guiding us and we are safe in His Hands! May you all be blessed greatly and mightly this week in Jesus Name!

MandiJo said...

Good morning. I'm checking in to let you know that I'm right on schedule. As well as my husband who decided to join me on this wonderful journey.

Mandi Brink

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Tracye, I'm also checking in and I'm on track. I'm not finding it hard (yet) keeping up. LOL I've actually read "ahead" often to finish a "story" or break off at a more convenient spot for me but it'll get more challenging this week with our schedule in an upheaval.

Exodus spoke out to me more than I expected...

I'll be going back to contemplate how often God sets up a "if-then" type of situation like in Ex 19.5

And, I was reminded that there's nothing in the commandments about honoring oneself. LOL The first four are about honoring God and the other 6 are about honoring others. *I* come at the bottom of that list! :)

And, I know I'm a semi-retired English teacher and word geek, but I'm curious what God is getting at in Ex 24.7 when they say we will DO that as well as BE obedient. Why are those listed separately? What's the difference between just DOING something but then in addition BEING obedient? Hmmm.

Aleta said...

Hi Tracye, I am halfway through yesterdays reading, I plan to finish that along with todays this afternoon :) yesterday during our sunday school lesson I was able to pull an example from something I had read in Genesis earlier in the week, I even remembered the chapter :)


Sara said...

Not spending the day resting as I usually do in recovering from my weekend (I work 7am to 11pm as a med size/nurse aide on Saturday and Sundays. Essentially just a nap before that second 16 hour shift). So here I am checking in..

I am still ahead as is my desire due to my hectic schedule on weekends and Monday (work one more 3-11 shift). I also was to excited to wait to start, so I technically should be 2 days ahead as I started on New Years Eve.

Anyway, I too was bored and felt as though I was reading the exact same thing 12 times in row then repeated. So grateful as another said for Jesus though so i don't have to worry about all the sacrifices that were required then.

Responding from my phone that is being cranky, so I will end my post nww by saying i am starting Deuteronomy now.

Tristine Fleming said...

Checking in for week 2 and looking forward to what God will reveal to me THIS week!! Whoo-hoo!! This has been an amazing adventure already. My husband and brother-in-law are doing this with me, and we are meeting each week to discuss what God showed us, what it means to us, and how to apply it. During our first meeting, God showed up in a BIG way.

Has anyone noticed that when God gave those VERY specific instructions that, lo and behold, the Israelites had the exact materials, and God had already gifted people to do the craftsmanship? They had everything they needed. God knew that beforehand, and the people FREELY gave their items to build a place of worship for God.

Notice God also tells them they are to do those things "day and night, everyday." This was God's way of breaking their bondage mentality and building Godly behaviors that started and ended with Him each and every day!! Although we are under grace, we could learn something from that. AMEN!!

Dana Burgess said...

I am amazed that I am on track, God id good.
thanks, Dana Burgess

Shannon Copeland Clayton said...

Wow! I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments and finding out that I am not the only one that is SOOOO thankful for Jesus coming as our sacrifice! The thought of all the "offerings" is a bit gruesome to me. LOL!

I am about half way through today's reading. Plan to finish it right now. I too had a little trouble over the weekend, but caught up last night. I plan to get a little ahead before the weekends but we shall see! :)

Thanks again Tracye for your prayers and encouragement! I already see God working! Praying for everyone this week!

Robin said...

I am four chapter behind. I will catch up today though.

Would appreciate prayer for my family. My husband, a pastor, resigned from his job and yesterday was his last day. It has been an emotional and tough weekend. Trying to bury myself in the word. Loved that verse in Ex 14 about God fighting for us also! That's what I needed.

I'm also nervous for all the geneology coming up in Numbers, so I kept a sketch pad next to me and tried to figure out ages and stuff.

For example, Noah's dad died 5 years before the flood. Abraham's father appears to be the youngest father listed thus far, etc. That makes it a bit more interesting
Also, for the first time I truly get the name "children of Israel". They were all still living in Goshen prior to the exodus, so they LITERALLY were Jacob's children. Sometimes I mentally associate Israel with a people group and not necessarily Jacob's family. That was a refreshing reminder.

Thanks for checking in everyone. You are a great encouragement to me!

gyopo said...

Hello =) This is Sam from Korea. I'm on track (I'm actually ahead, reading Numbers, but I'm trying to re-read the reading for each day).

I would really really appreciate your prayers for my wife, my pastor and pastor's wife and for our church. Please pray that WE would come to know God better and that we really come to a correct understanding of God's grace, love and His mercy.

Thank you. May God bless all of you through His Word

Lynda said...

Hey! Well, I got a bit behind this weekend, but I caught up through yesterday this morning and I will finish today before I go to sleep. :) Really enjoying reading these first few books of the Bible again. Especially with seeing everything that they had to go through...sacrifices, temple, etc. I am so glad that we don't have to go through those rituals anymore, but I also question if I would be able to do that if I lived back then. It challenges me...

Tracye said...

I am so proud of EACH of you that have checked in so far! Even if you are just a bit behind, I'm STILL so proud of the commitment you've already shown. Keep up the great work! For those of you that have posted prayer requests for the group, know that I am praying and others I'm sure are too. For those of you have that have mentioned how God is already blessing, it just makes me SMILE. I have LOVED reading each of the comments about what you are reading and how it is touching your heart. The things you are pointing out are FANTASTIC! I've LOVED reading your thoughts. Even though this part of the reading is very detailed oriented and gruesome at times...I'm so happy you are hanging in and reading! WAY TO GO! (And as many have mentioned, I'm so thankful for the sacrifice of Christ so that we don't have to go through those sacrifices and thank heavens for GRACE!)

April P said...

Satan has been attacking hard lately and I regret to say he's been getting the upper-hand. I'm still in the middle of Genesis.

Please pray for me. I'm in the middle of an unexpected and unwanted separation and divorce. Depression is setting in which makes it difficult to find the "want to" to get my reading done. Please help me pray Satan away.

Anonymous said...

I am still hanging in there! A bit bogged down in all the law and sacrificial system. One thing I noticed is how God provides a way for ALL to come to him....for most sacrifices, there are options for those who are poor so that they can afford to take part as well. And now today, Jesus has made the way for ALL to come to God as well, no matter their station in life.

Thanks so much Tracye for all your work and prayers. May you be blessed this week!

-Sarah H

TN Quiltbug said...

I'm still here! And right on track with reading.
As others have already mentioned, reading about all the sacrifices is NOT my favorite part! I am even a vegetarian, and I do not like thinking about using animals for food--much less wringing their necks or cutting them into pieces for sacrifices! However--I do understand how VERY significant this symbolism all was. How it pointed them to Jesus, the coming Savior. And truly, SIN IS GROSS! If we think reading about the sacrifices was bad, how much worse it is that our sins are what killed Jesus. How blessed we are that He loved us enough to die for us!!!!

Thank you so much for hosting, Tracye. And especially thank you for your prayers. This week was hard since we were still on Christmas break from school, therefore schedules were not really in place. But this week it is back to the grind--so THAT excuse will be gone! ;)

Laura Carlson said...

This is Laura, I'm up to date, but I have to admit with the BCS game tonight (Roll Tide) I'll probably have to catch up tomorrow, as I'm a night reader.

Nancy said...

From Nancy: I am still on track by the grace of God! I am a nurse, and I am always grossed out by the descriptions of skin conditions. Ugh! Mary, I will be praying for your brother. Blessings to all of you this week.

Jenni W. said...

Well, I'm a bit behind. Still in Exodus, but I have read God's word every day, which is a good start! Trying to restart homeschooling after the Christmas break and finish up a basement remodeling project (including a new homeschool space!) has eaten into my time! I'm sure if I hadn't signed up for this group I wouldn't be as motivated to try to catch up!
Thanks for the accountability!

Sheri D. said...

Hi there! I am checking in and on track.

Sherri K. said...

I'm a little bit behind, but plan on working extra hard this week in getting on I'm still here!

Rhonda said...

Hey y'all! A little off track due to mom being admitted into hospice this week. My what a difference a week can make. She was diagnosed with lung and breast cancer but it is going to be CHF that gets her. Please remember us in your prayers as it looks like it's just a matter of hours before she goes to be with the Lord. I am at home right now and plan to be "on track" by the end of the night. Thank God and all of you for this because had it not been for my involvement in this I probably would have "totally lost it" by now! Thank you all and God bless!
Rhonda : )

Sheri D. said...

Mary L, April P., and Rhonda, I just wanted to let you all know that I am praying for you guys. Those are heavy loads you all are bearing. <3.

Praying for all of you all as we continue on this journey.

Jessica D. said...

I, too, am a bit behind- still in Exodus due to a busy Sunday/Monday, but hope to be one track again soon.

I'm praying for those of you who have mentioned prayer requests!

Lori said...

Lori Lewis checking in on Monday night. I am behind, but have been reading every day which is good for me. I am on Exodus 17 and stopped for tonight. But I am determined to get caught up by next Monday. This is my first time and I am having a some focus trouble, my mind is thinking in the back ground and I have to reread because I notice I'm not paying attention to the reading. I will have to work hard to make it through this.

To all the readers who are facing health/family issues and are still caught up or ahead, wow is all I know to say, way to go. I will get there!

But to April P, I want to say, please dont accept that depression has to set in, keep your mind on the word of God and dont let depression make house in you! You can say i refuse to go there, it is very hard, but worth the effort. I am sorry for your marriage, but you are not unworthy of love, God loves you and that is what you must remember. His love and grace will see you through. I will pray for you.

Blessings to you all & Thank you Tracye so much for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to check in! I'm right on track for the first week. I'm really enjoying it.
-Kelly K

Dawn Chandler said...

Checking in - missed one day but was able to catch up and now right on track.

Praying for you ladies who are experiencing difficulties in your lives.

Heather said...

I'm late checking in, but on track with my reading. :-) My entire family is doing this this time - including our 4 teens! Our youngest said today, after leviticus 18, " so we can't read twilight, but we can read Leviticus?" LOL! It is kind of an "eeeeew" chapter.

I'm Heather, a homeschooling farm wife in PA. You can find me on twitter @htruck , I use youversion on my phone for the reading plan, and it posts to twitter each day when I complete my reading. I'm checking in here quick, but look forward to coming back later today to read the other comments... I really wish I had more time right now, but I have to get back to the kids school work, and my chores for the day, first.

Tracye said...

Can I just say how very proud I am of you supporting/encouraging/praying for each other! As I've mentioned in blog posts, some of you are facing some really hard issues and your hearts are breaking and to see you already rallying around each other is just such a blessing. Hang tight---hold onto God---and know that there are others praying for you. Thank you for sharing your hearts in regards to what you are reading, things you are experiencing, and spiritual needs!

I'm so excited to see that some of you have husbands, family members, friends, and children reading with you. What a blessing to share!

Laura: Roll Tide...they rolled right over those Tigers! :) My Dad was a HUGE bama fan and it was quite bittersweet for me last night, but it brought such SWEET memories to mind!

Heather: your comment about your teens response made me smile!

Mary L said...

Me again. I just read everyone's responses and I'm feeling so blessed that God has put me in this place at this time. Thanks so much for your prayers for my family, especially my brother. I have already seen God's response, as all go
F my brother's pre-op tests have been very encouraging. April, I will pray that you don't fall into depression - I know how hard that can be. Rhonda, I pray you feel the Lord's presence in this time of transition, and that He brings you comfort and healing.

Off to do today's reading, and thanking God for all of you!

Michelle Y said...

Well, I am a little late checking in, but I am on track. I haven't had a chance to read the other comments, but I have felt under attack almost since I started B90. I got sick on Tuesday (still not over it). Worked 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. yesterday, and about 12 hours today, so I'm exhausted. However, despite that, I know how important it is to stay on schedule, and I am thrilled to say that I am on track! I still have a little to go to finish today's reading, but I should be done before bed. In spite of my fatigue, illness, and crazy schedule, and the fact that I am reading the part of the Bible I probably have read the most, I still am seeing new things daily. I love that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trayce, just realised I checked in on the wrong post..I was on track on Monday and still on track...God Bless

Tracye said...

No problem! I saw it and marked you down as checking in. Glad to hear you are still on track!