Friday, January 6, 2012

A Bit of Mommy and Me Time = Powerful Lessons Learned

Yesterday morning, I was absolutely blessed beyond words to spend a couple of hours alone with my youngest. 

It was one of those memories I think I will treasure forever.  We didn't do much.  It wasn't necessary.  We just went to a local little diner and had breakfast.  Nothing fancy.  Just the "2, 2, 2" for $3.99 (2 eggs, 2 pancakes, and 2 pieces of sausage).  There were no bells and whistles.  No characters in costume and no balloons.  No video games or TV screens with sports.  Yet, he loved EVERY second of it. 

I struggled to eat.  I could hardly get a bite because he was talking so much and expecting my responses.  When I managed to grab a bite, it was awkward because I basically had my hand tied beside me.  He HAD to keep his little arm around me the ENTIRE time.  Why?  Because that is what Daddy does.  The difference is that his Dad and I aren't more than 2 feet apart in height!  :)

He smiled constantly.  His eyes twinkled.  He was full of gratitude and said "thank you" and "I love you" countless times. 


However, I felt such guilt because HE asked me for that time away.  I should have remembered and offered it.  It should have been my idea because I KNEW he needed some one-on-one time.  Instead, he HAD to ask.  I didn't hesitate when he did ask, but I felt so bad because it obviously meant so much to him.  I'm HAPPY it did and I'm thrilled he wants that precious time with me, but I just hate that he had to ask me for it. 

Yet, I learned something.  OK----I learned several things that morning.  I learned that when we want or need something, we should just ASK.  My five year old taught me that when he simply asked me if I would take him out for some mommy and me time alone.  He didn't worry about what I would say.  He trusts me.  He didn't worry about what others would think.  He didn't worry about if it would make him look weak, needy, or anything else.  He just simply asked in expectation. 

I could learn so much from that.  How many times do I expect my husband to read my mind?  How many times am I disappointed in friends because I feel like I needed something from them and they didn't deliver?  How many conflicts and hurt feelings could have been avoided if I would just have spoken up and ASKED?  Ouch.

(So yes I went out with wet hair because I was running REALLY behind and I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to give him the full time together while the older kids were at PMO)
I also was reminded of something as I sat there basically just listening to him and watching his eyes sparkle.  I was reminded of how that is the same way God is with me.  He craves that time with me as much as I crave it with Him.  Just like Bradlee and I connected in a such a sweet and precious way, God wants my heart in the same capacity.  As much as I crave that one-on-one time, uninterrupted and uncluttered with my husband, God wants it with me.  That is why it is so important to spend time with Him in reading His word,  talking with Him, and clearing out the noise to listen to Him.  It's why it's so important to guard what I fill my heart with (what I see, what I listen to, and where I go). 

Besides being vividly reminded of the importance of giving my children INDIVIDUAL attention (even though we are together almost 24/7),  I was reminded that simple things count.  It didn't take anything spectacular to capture his attention and heart.  I didn't have to spend lots of money, take him to a theme park, or buy him lots of things.  It was just ME and MY time.  I was also vividly reminded of how much our kids are learning and observing.  He treated me sweetly because that is the way he sees his dad and I interact.  Our kids are truly learning to behave by watching.  IF our home is full of anger, yelling, and disrespect they are going to mimic that.  Instead if our home is full of love, acceptance, respect, etc.. THAT is what they are going to model.  No question of which I want them to see and do! 

Thank you Lord for the reminders you sent my way.  Thank you for the precious time with my "wee" one.  Thank you for reminding me that what we do matters.  Thank you for touching my heart!  Thank you for the precious gifts I have in my children and spouse.  Thank you for the lessons you teach in gentle ways!


Tristine Fleming said...

I have a lump in my throat! I love that he had to have his little arm around you like his daddy! Sweet!!!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Oh my, how precious! My little man does that sometimes too - with his arm around me and pats my shoulder and it melts my heart.

TN Quiltbug said...

How sweet! And how much we can learn from our children--if we only open our eyes.

LOVE the picture of the two of you! And your hair looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

Bradlee is the happiest little guy in the world especially when he is with his mom.

Anonymous said...

Guess I better ask you for my date before he gets you!