Sunday, January 15, 2012

B90 Check in Week 3 (Monday 1-16-12)

We are ready to kick off week THREE!  Can you believe it?

Look how far you've come in just TWO weeks!  We've journeyed through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and are just about ready to wrap up Deuteronomy.  Let me say:  WAY TO GO!  That is no easy task.  It has taken effort AND commitment! 

At the conclusion of this week, you will have read for 21 days straight.  Twenty one days is what experts say it takes to make something a habit!  Are you ready to reach that mark this week? 

I pray that you are finding that it is worth the effort.  I pray that God has been showing you amazing things through His word and that you heart is opening up more and more to Him every day!

Struggling?  A bit behind?  REALLY behind?  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!  Keep your best to find chunks of time to catch up...but mostly definitely don't throw in the towel yet! 

I'm also excited to share a link with you that should be helpful as we continue to navigate the Old Testament.  Ted Cooper of the Bible in 90 Ministry has graciously allowed MomsToolbox and those of us reading along in B90 access to some FANTASTIC tools he wrote to help us know what is going on, key characters and places, genealogies, timelines and other study tools.  Amy has organized them in this one link.  Definitely something you will want to save to your favorites!  As of right now, she has uploaded the Old Testament and it is organized in order by book.  Mr. Cooper's aim was to help us to spend less time researching and more time reading, to help us all reach our goal of reading the entire Bible.  I know I can DEFINITELY use that help! 

By the way, could you say a special prayer for Amy this week.  She announced on MomsToolbox this week that she will be undergoing surgery this week.  Let's join together and pray for her! 

This week's reading plan:

  • Monday Deuteronomy 23:12-34:12
  • Tuesday Joshua 1:1-14:15
  • Wednesday Joshua 15:1-Judges 3:27
  • Thursday Judges 3:28-15:12
  • Friday Judges 15:13- 1 Samuel 2:29
  • Saturday 1 Samuel 2:30-15:35
  • Sunday 1 Samuel 16:1-28:19
For those of you that mentioned prayer requests and needs in comments this week, know that many of us are praying for you.  For those that have emailed, I am praying and believing with you!  For those I haven't heard from in awhile or haven't checked in, I'm still praying for you!  One thing I promised to do was to continuously pray for each of you and you are all in my constant thoughts and prayers. 

Have a GREAT week!  Enjoy your time in God's word!  Smile knowing that God loves each of us unconditionally and is smiling down on us as we dig into His word!  Smile EVEN BIGGER knowing that your time in God's word and your relationship with Him is driving Satan deeper into defeat!  Just let that image of Satan being defeated encourage you along this week when you want to give up!  :)


Michelle T said...

Well, I might have been late last week, but I guess I'm early this week. I am reading pretty much right on track. I'd love to get a day or so ahead, "in case something comes up later", but that hasn't happened. And, I actually think that might be a good thing. One of the goals of this endeavor is to develop a habit of spending time with God, in the Word, DAILY. At times I do better with that than others. What I love is that it is becoming second nature to me, when I have a few minutes, to turn FIRST to the Word. It is really helping me appreciate how much one can accomplish in only a few minutes (a few minutes here and a few minutes there throughout the day, and I'm done!). The same principle applies in other areas of my life, and I love that every aspect of my walk with God is not single-purpose; they all translate into other areas of my life.

Excited about the journey,


gyopo said...

Hi. This is Sam from Korea. I am about 2 days ahead...currently reading Joshua 8, but I did try to re-read just for personal benefit (I re-read Deuteronomy 8 to 23).

Thank you for praying for me and interceding on my behalf... I am praying hard as well, trying to pray with a humble heart so that I don't tell God how I think He should handle my circumstances and difficulties.

It seems like my church situation hasn't changed yet, but I'm still praying for my church, my church leaders and for my family. Now, instead of just begging God and pleading with Him, I'm doing my best to praise Him and thank Him as well.

Shannon said...

I am still on track and must say that this past week was very long and trying, but I stayed the course with my Bible reading. I would sincerely appreciate all of your prayers for health and healing for my entire family; especially my mom, my daughter, and my grandma. My mom was told last week that the cancer she had a few years ago is no longer in remission, but we are extremely thankful that the prognosis is very promising and hopeful. The very next day my daughter was told she could possibly have a rare condition in her spine causing her severe pain all over her entire body, and we are believing for her health to be completely restored and for the pain to be completely removed. Also my grandma has been recovering from a heart attack and a stroke for several months now and we are also having to help care for her as well. We are extremely thankful and grateful for all the doctors and specialists God has placed into lives and for their wisdom to help restore health and wholeness into our family. Thank you in advance for joining with me in prayer believing for health,healing, restoration, and much needed rest and energy. I wish each of you and your families much health, happiness and joy in the new year.

Sam, I am standing with you in prayer for your church, your church leaders and your family.

Matthew18:19 "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."

Matthew 21:22 "whatever things you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive."

John 15:7 "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you."

Abundant Blessings!

connie said...

Right on track and loving it! Don't give up!

Mary L said...

Hi everyone! I just finished yesterday's reading and I'm ready to move forward in this coming week. Thanks so much for all your prayers, especially for my brother. His surgery is this Friday, so please continue to cover him in prayer. We are hoping for healing, that the Lord chooses to remove all malignancy from his body, but we also pray for strength and acceptance of God's plan, wherever it may lead us.

Shannon, you seem so strong, with so much on your plate right now! I pray that the Lord continues to guide your steps and brings a season of health and healing to your family. Sam, I hope the Lord uses your church situation to his glory, and that his answers are revealed soon.

Thank you, Tracye, for your leadership and encouragement. I pray the Lord guide each of us as we continue on this journey together. Now let's go make this a h bait!

Anonymous said...

Checking in for the week! I'm loving B90, I love the amazing things God has revealed as we've read the Torah.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Ck-ing in as well...I'm a day behind but should be good to go tomorrow and back on track. I took someone's advice from last week and have the audio Bible playing while I'm reading from a text copy to get through some of the genealogies and law stuff. Working wonders!

Also, Tracye, if it's OK with Teri, I think it would be fun to share the God story about us realizing we're nearly neighbors! LOL

Have a great week everyone!

Tracye said...

Your comments are PRICLESS! I love to read about how your lives are changing and most especially how you are all hang in with God during some difficult situations. I'm so proud of each of you. I'm thrilled to see your support and encouragement of each other. I sit and read each comment several times and I think I get more out of them each time I read them. Beth: I'd LOVE to share that story in a post if Teri agrees! That is an amazing story that is VERY inspiring!

TN Quiltbug said...

I'm here! Over the weekend I ended up getting around half a day's worth of reading behind. My choices were to either stay home and finish my reading, or leave and get to church on time--so I chose church! Am hoping to get caught up those chapters soon. Wanted to catch up today, and wouldn't you know it instead of getting up a bit early, I overslept by one hour!!!! I NEVER oversleep! I am sure it was Satan trying his best to get me discouraged, but I went and did one hour of Bible reading anyway. Wasn't able to catch up the amount I am behind, but at least maintained so I will still only be that much behind--and not more. It has been a wild way to start the week, but I prayed for God to bless whatever small efforts my hands made today, and I do know He is helping me. :) So much appreciate your prayers--they mean so much and I couldn't make it through this Bible reading without them. Praying also for all in our little group here. :)

Susan M.

Shannon Copeland Clayton said...

Hi! I am checking in! I am on schedule...just finished today's reading! Praying for each of you!

Robin said...

I am so happy to say I am ON TRACK when I was sure I was going to be a day behind again. Finished today's reading this morning. Will be praying for you all today. Thanks for sharing your requests.

Tristine Fleming said...

Checking in and eager to move along into Joshua--the name of my first born son! So many great insights over the past couple of weeks. Aeslin is my brother-in-law, and we started a Lifegroup study centered on our weekly readings. It's just me, Aes, my husband Jared, and his other brother, Mikey. God is doing AMAZING things in our family through this series. I'm so glad we decided to do this.

Debbie said...

Checking in, and I'm still on track too!

Shannon, I'm lifting you guys up too.


Teri said...

Checking in. I am kind of behind at this point but still going.
Beth sure go ahead and share!! =]

Anonymous said...

Today I have been very mopey. Hallelujah I am not depressed! I have too much hope and am too "in" the Word to get depressed! Even though I have two life crushing burdens literally weighing down my heart, God is faithful and I trust Him!

I am at Deut. 33, but will finish before bed. Praise God! He is faithful to help/let me be faithful!

~Angela K.

Nancy said...

I am on track and looking forward to reading about Joshua - hoping to learn better how to trust and obey God! Thanks you all for your transparency in sharing your requests. Please keep us posted on how God is answering.

Dana Burgess said...

So happy to be on track and praying for you all as well.Blessings, Dana

Laura said...

This is Laura, I'm still on track and enjoying taking the time each day to read God's word. It's amazing that I can set this time aside when I want to! With two little ones, its hard to find time, but if I make it a priority, with God's help, I can do it! I'll keep our group in my prayers this week.

Lori said...

Lori L checking in. I am still going, but am even further behind, I have been trying to just keep going and I really want to get caught up, guess I am a slow learner/reader. But I have already kept with it longer than I thought I could. I have noticed that every minute I dont have something to do I think hey go read a few minutes. One thing I think has stuck out to me is that I have always heard that God is in the details, and this week with all the very specific rules He laid out, all I kept thinking was wow God really is in the details. I didnt see April yet, I hope all is going well for you. I have prayed for you this week as God brought this group to mind and I keep reading because I know on Monday I have to check in and I want to keep going. So anyway, I hope you all have a great week and if you think to could you pray I could get caught up. I know it is trivial compared to all the health/family issues, but I think I really need this.


Lori L in Oklahoma

Sheri D. said...

Hi, guys! I am checking in and on schedule. My husband and I celebrated our 14 th anniversary this past weekend so it was busy, and I got behind a day. I decided I don't want to get behind again! It was hard catching up the next day! I finally got caught up, but shew! It made for a lot of reading the next day! Lol I am praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Whew....struggling this week! Getting behind and catching up just to fall behind again. Today I am going to catch up and not get behind again....too much to make up!
Thanks so much for your encouragement Tracye!

Sherri K. said...

Still a bit of catching up to do, but hanging in there. :)

Jessica D. said...

I'm in the "bit of catching up to do" category, as well, but am not giving up! I've been so encouraged by the extra time in God's word.

I wanted to share with you all (and especially you, Tracye) a miracle that happened this week. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my second, and have had many complications this pregnancy - a complete placenta previa, along with a couple of other conditions in the placenta. The doctors were very pessimistic about my condition and the possibility of it correcting itself, and at one point a few weeks ago I think they even thought I was going to lose the baby... Well, I went in for an appointment with the specialist on Thursday, and after a very depressing first half of the visit in which they briefed me on blood transfusions, bed rest, etc., they did another ultrasound, and low and behold, the placenta has completely moved and is no longer a placenta previa! They said that this rarely happens with the kind of pp that I had. The technician was so surprised that she had to check the name on my wristband twice to be sure I was the same patient! Wow! This news completely turns around the prognosis for my pregnancy, and they have lifted the extra restrictions that I was placed under due to my condition. Praise God! I hope that this answer to prayer is encouraging for someone.

I still do appreciate your prayers for my baby, as I still have another condition that means that the placenta might stop working efficiently at some point, which could be very dangerous for the baby.

Jessica D.

gyopo said...

Lord, I pray that You will heal Shannon's mom of all of her cancer and illness. I ask that You will heal Shannon's daughter of her spine condition and spine problems. Heal Shannon's daughter of the pain in her spine and the pain in her body, oh Lord. Be with Shannon's grandmother so she can come to a full recovery as she is recovering from a heart attack and stroke. Lord, I ask You to grant health, healing and restoration to Shannon's mom, Shannon's daughter, Shannon's grandmother and Shannon's entire family. Thank You, Lord.

Lord, I pray for Mary L.'s brother. His surgery is this Friday. Lord, I ask that You will remove all the malignancy and all illness from his body. Most of all, I ask that You will bless Mary L. and her family with strength, bless them so they will trust in Your good plan for their lives. I thank You, Lord

Lord, I pray for Jessica D.'s baby, that You will protect the health of Jessica's baby and Jessica's health as well. Lord, I ask that You save Jessica and her baby from all dangerous circumstances and situations, and that You will be with them in everything. I praise You and thank You in advance, Lord God.

Lord, I pray that You bless Tracye and her family. I ask that You will bless all of our B90Days group members, bless them through Scripture and answer their prayers according to Your will. In Jesus' name I ask all these things.

Anonymous said...

trying to stay caught up and asking all of you to lift up me and my family in prayer - momma went to be with the Lord last Tues (1/10) and we laid her to rest on Sat (1/14) today, Mon (1/16) i spent 6 hours in ER with my husband who was finally admitted with septic shock - AND they put him right next to the room mom was in when she died so I kinda got a little emotional - reading God's word now because as I said before - " Thank God for Tracye and this group for help in keeping me grounded" Love & prayers to you all - Rhonda

Aleta said...

I am reading every day, I was at a women's retreat over the weekend and got about half a day behind, but on a good note my best friend has joined me on my journey through the Bible, she is one day behind me, and at least 2 girls from the retreat will be beginning their journey soon.

Jessie Burnett said...

I am on track and keeping up! Couldn't post last week for some reason it wouldn't let me on my ipod. I have really enjoyed reading the Bible at such a fast pace and really getting an overview. There is so much I have not read befor.God really showed me in Leviticus just how much our sin cost and I began to cry as I read it realizing what a holy God we serve and how in awe of Him we should be! Thanks for your weekly encouragment!

connie said...

I'm committed to lift each of us up to the Lord, asking for the desire to make the time to spend in His Truth. Even if it means setting our alarms a little earlier or staying up a little later. Since I just started back to college and have to read hundreds of pages each week, I've really had to adjust my schedule, but I'm determined to hang in there...because the most important reading I will do is in His Word. I'm standing in the gap for all of us!

Anonymous said...

I am right on Track, late check in...Thanks for the support..God Bless..Lynn AKA African Beauty