Monday, January 23, 2012

Just a quick update for today! (And a P.S for B90 readers!)

*Don't forget that tomorrow (24th) is the last day to enter the "A Mile in His Shoes" DVD giveaway.  My post is here and the directions to enter are very near the bottom.*

I wanted to add a special P.S to those of you reading along in our B90 group, specifically to those that are a little bit behind or even very far behind.  I just feel like today is the day that I need to stop and tell you that EVERY effort you have made towards this challenge is worth it.  No matter where you are in the reading plan, as long as you have spent any amount of time in God's word with an open heart....He will reward that effort.  Some of you may be feeling like you've already failed.  STOP it right now!  KEEP reading and DON'T beat yourself up if you aren't where you want to be.  Just keep at it.  Get the habit formed of daily time with Him!  I am absolutely certain that He isn't disappointed in you if the assignment was for 15 chapters and you only finished 10 (or any other set of numbers!).  He is thankful for ALL the time you spent with Him! 

I just felt like I needed to remind some of you of that today!   I think most of us will agree that we are here to encourage and support along this matter how long it takes!!!!  We just want to see each other successfully spending time with the one that loves us more than we can imagine and wants us to crave being in His presence. 

In other words, celebrate where you are and how far you've come.   Think of it this way, when you are on a weight loss journey and you really wanted to lose 2 pounds this week and you only lost a half of a you just erase that half and not count it?  Of course not.  It was progress.  You do know that you have to continue at your task at hand and keep focus, but you definitely don't tell the scale that you can't count that half pound.  I know for myself (as I am on this journey to finally get my health on track and get my body back in the shape that I know God wants for me), I may wish and wish I had made that 2 pound goal and I might be a bit disappointed that I didn't reach that goal, but by gosh I'm going to celebrate the half pound loss.  It's the same as your reading.  Every effort you have made matters.  Let it push you to continue on and work hard at catching up.  Yet, don't let what you HAVE accomplished be forgotten in your heart.  God is proud of you for the effort you've made!!!! 


daughter of the king said...

Thanks for the encouragement, perfect timing!:-) I am about a day behind but am trying fervently to catch up. I have really been clinging to my readings every morning like it's coffee. I can't do anything until I've read:-) I love it. Thanks for your prayers for loving all of us right where we are. Many blessings for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Talk about a word in good time!