Sunday, January 22, 2012

B90 Check in Week 4 (Monday 1-23-12)

Congratulations!  Stop reading right now and pat yourself on the back.  Seriously, do it!  :)

If you are reading along and on track (or at least close to it!), you have now reached the mark of 21 days.  Research shows that 21 is the magic number for creating a habit.  Is there any better habit than spending time in God's word daily?  Not in my opinion!

I just want to say how incredible it has been to read comments of God at work in your lives bringing you closer to Him, Him showing you his miraculous power in healing and provision, and the great comfort He has been as some of you have suffered great loss in recent days.  I'm praising God right along with you in the victories and my heart is heavy in your sadness and I petition Him on your behalf for continued comfort! 

I also want to let you know that my goal this week is to check in with those of you that haven't been checking in or have been struggling to keep up because of life's demands.  I had hoped to send out those personal emails this week, but time just got away quicker than lightning!  Please know that I have been thinking of each of you and praying often for you!

I do have a story I want to tell you of how God has definitely been in the details!  A story of how our hearts do matter to Him and how "small" of a world we live in!  (I have permission from both of these ladies). 

When I sent out the welcome email requesting background information from each of you, a great majority of you responded and shared your hearts (on a deep level that I wasn't quite expecting, but was GRATEFUL for).  Beth mentioned that she had recently moved and some of the concerns on her heart were the transitions she and her family were facing.  For those of us that have moved and had to start over, we can definitely identify with how hard of a time it is.  EVEN when God has led us down a new path and we know we are walking in His will, the transition can still be hard in MANY aspects on different levels.  After reading some comments during the first check-ins, Teri realized that she and Beth not only live in the same state, but the same county.  She sent me an email and asked me to forward her contact information to Beth to give Beth the option to contact her or not. 

Here is the incredible part:  out of this GREAT big world where 95% in this group don't know each other, something amazing happened.  They discovered that not only did they live close to each other, THEY ATTEND the same large church!  Since Beth hasn't lived in the area very long, she was starting over in a brand new church and it definitely takes awhile to start meeting people.  The great thing is that the friends and people Beth HAD already met are the same people that are in Teri's group of friends.  Hello big the small world.  All by God's design!  When I read the email, I couldn't help but smile with how God orchestrated all of it!  Way to go, God!

I can't wait to hear more and more stories of how God is blessing each of you.  I know the comments revealed last week some amazing ones.  Even with those that are suffering heartache, you can still feel how they are growing closer to God through it all! 

I pray that this week continues to show that more and more to each of you!  By the time you finish this next week's assignments, we will cross the threshold of being 1/3 of the way finished.  Can you believe it?  For those of you that have never done this challenge or have never read the Bible in it's entirety, that is an incredible accomplishment! 

Don't forget that you can check out the "You are Here In The Bible" study tools here

Here we go....this week's plan:
  • Monday (23rd) 1 Samuel 28:20-2 Samuel 12:10
  • Tuesday (24th) 2 Samuel 12:11-2 Samuel 22:18
  • Wednesday (25th) 2 Samuel 22:19-1 Kings 7:37
  • Thursday (26th) 1 Kings 7:38-1 Kings 16:20
  • Friday (27th) 1 Kings 16:21-2 Kings 4:37
  • Saturday (28th) 2 Kings 4:38-2 Kings 15:26
  • Sunday (29th) 2 Kings 15:27-2 Kings 25:30
Have a GREAT week!  God Bless each of you TREMENDOUSLY and THOROUGHLY!


Nancy said...

Hi Tracye, I am on track, thanks be to God! Reading through the OT this fast has impressed me with 2 themes that run hand in hand so far: God's unending grace and the repeated disobedience of His people. I am so thankful for my salvation and forgiveness of MY repeated sins through the amazing GRACE of God.

TN Quiltbug said...

I am still keeping up, praise the Lord! Hasn't been easy. Got behind last weekend and it was hard to make that time up, but I was finally able to after several days. So sad to read about Saul, and how he strayed away from God. What potential he had for being a strong leader for God, but he changed in his heart from the humble man he started out to be.

Michelle T said...

I am not quite up to date, but I am in 1 Samuel, at least. I still have today's reading to go, plus a little bit of yesterday's reading. I attended Dave Ramsey's live event yesterday with several friends from church, which took the whole day. Not trying to make excuses for myself. I would like to be back on track before I go to bed tonight, but I'm not sure I will make it. However, since I am within 1 day of being current, I hope to be current by the end of the day tomorrow.

Charlene said...

I am way behind, but still persevering. I'm so envious of those who are caught up! Ya'll keep up the good work, and I'll continue to tag along--behind, but still tagging along!


Anonymous said...

I also am behind, but am having a great time...hope to make up this week...again! Bah!
I agree with Tracy though, it is amazing to see those themes running through the OT,..and then realize that in so many ways this pattern is still true today in my own life. Oh God, let us remain faithful!
A neat thing this week. As my husband was preparing a message he came to bounce something off of me (we often discuss his sermons as he writes them). Lo and behold, something that I had read a day or two earlier fit perfectly with what he had been studying on and he put it in the sermon. Gotta love those divine tidbits!
Thanks again for your encouragement Tracye. Have a great week!
-Sarah H

Shannon said...

I am a little behind with the reading this week but I will catch up. I am not discouraged because I will finish the task God has set before me and I will finish this Bible reading journey once again! As I stated in my post last week, I have several family members who are facing life threatening illnesses, so my time and attention to other's needs is stretched quite thin, but I choose to cast all my cares upon the Lord. I am so blessed to have this group and each one of you to pray with me and for me and my family as I pray for each of you as well! I would like to sincerely thank each one of you for your heartfelt prayers and comments last week for me and my family. Your kindness and compassion really touched my heart and I want you to know how much your words and prayers mean to me. Thank you once again!

For those of you who are behind with the reading regardless of to what extent, please do not get discouraged...just continue to remain as encouraged as you were when you first set out to embark upon this journey. Remember, God led each one of us here for a reason and He directed each one of our steps because He already knew that we would have our own daily struggles and distractions and that we would need one another on this reading journey to see this through and finish this race.

"...if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." -Acts 20:24

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." - 2 Timothy 4:7

Life's true encouragement, nourishment, and fulfillment can be found within all of God's words we are let's continue to let God fill our lives and continue on our reading journey...together!

Abundant Blessings to each of you!

gyopo said...

Hi. This is Sam from Korea.

I am on track (although my 2 day buffer vanished). I have a confession to make, I actually read 1 Samuel 26 and 27 right before I decided to check in.

I am so blessed to be part of this B90days group.

LORD God, I pray for Shannon and her family members who are facing life-threatening illnesses. I ask that You, oh LORD, will be their strength. I ask that You help them to cast ALL of their cares on You. Hear and answer when they cry out to You in prayer.

LORD, I pray for Tracye. Bless her as she serves You and bless her family. Bless all of our group members through Your Word. Grant a special blessing to our group members who are behind. Pour out Your love and blessings on them and their families.

Please pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to my pastor and his wife. Please pray that my wife, my pastor and his wife will know God more biblically, more personally and more intimately. Thank you all for your prayers and blessings.

Rhonda said...

on track and praising God!!! - Rhonda

Debbie said...

Checking in, I'm behind now but hope to catch up soon! ~Debbie

Tristine Fleming said...

Woo-hoo! Checking in and on schedule (however, I did use one of my grace days!).

Robin said...

I am 11 chapters behind, but will catch up today. Spent four days on vacation and didn't have much time to read, so my husband let me have breakfast in bed this morning while I plowed through I Samuel! Loved the story of Hannah and "in due time" she conceived. Praying our due time comes soon.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I too am still in FIRST Samuel instead of SECOND Samuel but gaining speed. Got everyone back to school and work today and read for 90 minutes. I should be caught up in no time!

Also, one little correction. I didn't know it at the time I checked in with you but Teri doesn't go to my church (technically). LOL She trains for a marathon with a small group leader from Crossroads (where I've attended) and both Teri and I will be starting that leader's Run For God Bible study/running group at Crossroads starting in two weeks! :)

Laura said...

I'm one day's hard to stay consistant during the weekend, but I'll be back on track by tomorrow. (I hope)
I love reading all the encouraging emails posted here. What A SMALL world it is for the two women who connected here and at church. That is an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Dana Burgess said...

I am in the middle of today's scripture trying to keep it going....Dana

Sheri D. said...

It was a crazy day so I am just now getting on here to check in. I am, however, reading and on schedule. When things settle down later today, I plan on coming back to read through the comments. Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit behind but am stiving on ny God's grace. Thank you all for the support it keeps me going

Shannon Copeland Clayton said...

Hi all! I am late checking in, but I am on track! I have really enjoyed reading 1 and 2 Samuel! Praying for you all!

Mary L said...

I checked in yesterday but I don't see it here? I'm a bit behind but still plugging away. Today my brother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It's a trying time as he tries to get his mind around this and adjust to his new normal. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he starts down the new path the Lord has placed him on.

Sara said...

I am about 5 days behind, but I am working on it and hope to catch up this week. May be hard as I am working a lot of overtimethis week. i also loved the story of Hannah as I pour out my heart to the Lord regularly on my desire to have a son.

Melinda said...

I just realized that I haven't checked in since the start. I am reading and am slightly behind, but not by much. I'm hanging in there.

connie said...

One day I got behind, and I couldn't wait to catch up. It's interesting how the Lord led me to start college again, and I'm reading a ton for school, while reading an hour a day in the Bible. My brain is in overload :) I've had to strategize to keep up, but I just love this reading plan so much that it's working.
I agree with Tracye, every moment we spend in the Word is valuable!!!! It's never a waste of time.
May the Lord bless each of you!

Sherri K. said...

Forgot to check in--I'm still in this. :)

Aleta said...

It just occurred to me that i haven't checked in yet...after the tornadoes in the close area Sunday night/Monday morning, no school Monday due to power outages and many schools in my district being damaged, then to find out one of our students lost her life as a tornado tore her house from its foundation that ensured yesterday was a blur as we counseled grieving students...all that to say, please pray for my students as they grieve the loss of this friend and also the Heichlebach family as they grieve for the loss of this child, they can not even go home to grieve as they have no home....On a positive note I am right on track (for once) with my reading, I started Beth Moore's study of James last week and I am amazed at how familiar I am with the Old Testament references that she makes, I will be reading and think oh that's in Leviticus and in just a moment she says lets go look in Leviticus, great feeling :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't check in earlier this week. I've been busy and drained and blah. I also love how we can trust God--He is so faithful! I am Loving all this time in His Word. I look forward to it so much!

My heart is grieving for my son. He is the prodigal of prodigals in spite of anything we've done. I can only cling to the hope we have in Christ that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. He is faithful! In our weakness He is strong! There is nothing, Nothing I can do anymore. He is completely out of my hands. But I know that nothing can snatch him from God's hands. All I can do is pray, and wait, and watch. God be with me and help me while I can only watch. God be with and comfort the children. God be with Jeremy. Bring him back to You. Amen.

Angela K

Dawn Chandler said...

I've forgotten to check in the last two weeks but I'm chugging along. I have a sick child which has put me so behind I can't catch up, but I am pushing forward anyway and just gonna finish when I finish. I crave my reading time now. I love it.

Lori said...

I appolgize for being so late in checking in. I was just gonna quit cause I am behind and if Im not keeping up im just reading and not really part of what this group is trying to accomplish, but then i realized i am behind but have already lasted longer than i thought i would and i have noticed i am thinking so much more about God and His word so... here i am checking in, late and behind but still yet trying.