Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thinking Big---Dreaming Big

It's so easy to put God in a box. 

Our LITTLE box.

Yet, I should know by now it's pointless.

He wasn't meant to be in a box.  He doesn't want us in a little box either.

Inside of each of us He has put dreams and desires.  Admittedly, sometimes those dreams and desires are selfish or just "normal".  They just make us who we are.  Maybe it has something to do with our hobbies or our passions. Then there are those that He puts in us that make us want to grow and do things for Him. 

Sometimes they feel little in the scheme of things.  After all, aren't each of us just a little nobody in a big world?  Can we make any kind of difference?

Absolutely.  I've always been told that "little is much when God is in it".  It doesn't matter how insignificant we feel.  God has this amazing power to make our "little",  BIG! 

Right now I'm excited about some doors that God is opening.  I'm not certain exactly where it is leading or how long it's going to take for my "little" to be BIG, but without a doubt things are starting to happen.  The doors opening have also begun to give me a clearer vision of some of my purpose and my "what" else.  The little hints God is giving is absolutely making the wheels turn in my head and making me THINK BIG.  Dreaming.  Hoping.  Believing. 

It's also a bit intimidating.  Deciding if I'm listening to the Holy Spirit or riding on emotion is always tough.  Sometimes I jump before I look and find out later it was emotion.  I'm being cautious and prayerfully waiting things out, but EVERY direction I'm turning right now is another nudge that He IS leading.  It's intimidating because though I know the direction, I don't know the steps or the how-to's.  I don't know the exact plan or what God is actually wanting.  Yet, I'm happy because I have a direction and each step feels more comfortable and gives me more confidence that He is at work. 

God isn't going to let me stay in a little box.  He is taking me step by step out of my comfort zone.   The way he is leading is NOT what I expected, but looking back now I can see there were hints along the way. 

Sometimes I feel like the dreams that are forming in my head/heart are silly and pointless, but with each passing day I'm realizing that maybe they aren't.  Maybe God was waiting all along for me to just start paying attention to Him and to stop putting himself and myself in a box. 

All I know right now is this:  if I'm going to dream, I better start dreaming BIG.  Every time I walk into my friend's office at church and see her "Think Big" on her wall, I'm beginning to think maybe it's a message to me as well. 

As I started writing this post, I already heard Satan telling me I was off base.  I'm enthusiastic for no reason.  I'm crazy.  Fail.  Incapable.  Off-base.  Who do you think you are?  You name it....I'm hearing it. 


I unexpectedly got another nod that I'm in the right direction.  I just need to be patient.  Another little door cracked open. 

Thanks, God!  I needed your voice to drown out those negative ones.  Your timing is absolutely always perfect!  Please take my little (minute, miniscule, tiny) and make it YOUR BIG!  Teach me every day how much bigger than my box you are!  Keep my eyes on you and help me to listen to you.  When I'm off-base (which I know I often am), immediately put me on the right path. 

Your Daughter (the one who is learning by baby steps to THINK BIG & outside the box!)

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