Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Movie Night "Game of Your Life" Review

It is incredibly HARD to find movies that meet OUR standards of family friendly.  I get excited when we do find something that the entire family can watch together. 

Several months ago, NBC started airing movies geared towards the family (with main sponsors Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart).  We've only missed seeing one of them so far.

I was offered the opportunity to watch the newest installment before it airs on December 2 (7 central time) on NBC. 

GAME OF YOUR LIFE---gets a thumbs up from our family for being appropriate for family viewing.  Though it is definitely more interesting to older kids and teens, even Bradlee enjoyed the video game development aspects.  My boys love ALL things technology! 

The movie's story line centers around Zach Taylor as he starts his freshman year of college in a prestigious video game design program.  Zach and his teammates are to design a video game as part of their first semester project----a crucial one that will determine if they are allowed to stay in the program.  The "meat" of the story is about how the team must come together and how an individual's choices can affect the entire team.  Zach is faced with some very hard decisions and has to work through what his priorities are and what matters most.  Without giving a way too much of the story line (since I want you to watch the movie for yourself!), I think that many times we are faced with similar choices.  Though the choice itself may obviously be different, we often have the same type to make.  Should we bend rules and cut corners because our present needs are great or do we live a life of integrity no matter what?  If we do make the wrong choice, what do we do next?  How do we rectify what we've done wrong.  A good depiction of loyalty and forgiveness is also presented in the movie and I loved that aspect. 

I enjoyed watching Zach as he was faced with hard choices.  I loved watching "moral lessons" played out in a movie that was family friendly.  Definitely a great movie for teens! 

Though I admit, this installment of Family Movie Night was maybe not my favorite of all that have aired---I did enjoy it!   I'm thankful that media executives are considering the wants and desires of families to be able to watch something together that is TRULY family-friendly, moral/values based, and fun to enjoy together.  I highly encourage you to tune in on December 2nd so that we can send the message that YES we want more of these type movies.  Show your support of family friendly programming!!!


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