Monday, November 14, 2011

The Grace Effect Book Review and Giveaway


I have such a heart for it.  Even if, right now, the answer is no.  There are just too many obstacles in our way right now.  Some of those God can provide ways around if the time is ever right.  Other obstacles would mean  laws have to be amended FIRST (mostly dealing with my health history excluding me). 

Though our answer is no for now, my heart is STILL huge in the fact that it desires it.

When I was asked to review a book (and give away a copy) that dealt with adoption, I had no hesitation in saying yes.  Smack dab in the middle of reading the book was Orphan Sunday.  Timing was perfect! 

(Adriana and I wearing our shirts that day.  We both have hearts for Africa.)
 The Book:

"The Grace Effect:  How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief" by Larry Alex Taunton

The book takes you on a journey that the author and his family made to bring their daughter, Sasha, home from the Ukraine. 

It is a FANTASTIC book.  However, it was a HARD book for me to read.  It's one of those books that we SHOULD read, but the heartbreak it contains is unspeakable.  Mr. Taunton didn't hold back the realities of the struggles his family faced.  If a book of this such doesn't move your heart about the injustice in this world...nothing really will. 

I admit that my biggest scope of information concerning international adoption is wrapped up in Africa.  The majority of those we know that have adopted and whose detailed stories we have followed have mostly been from Ethiopia and a few from China.  This was my first in depth look at the Ukraine.  Oh my......the journey this family took to bring this precious child home.  Unreal. 

The book also highlighted for me just how very little I know about that area of the world and unfortunately how much history I don't remember.  I admit that I struggled to "keep up" in parts of the books.  Fortunately the story was so compelling that I stuck with it.  The author is a historian and apologist and that side of him definitely shows in the writing of the story.  Yet, his incredible love for his daughter spoke even louder. 

"There is a simple means for determining the goodness of any society, and it is not found in economic or political terms.  It is in this:  how do they treat their poor, their widowed, and their orphaned?"  That question has stuck with me since reading the book.   Ouch!

Another part of the book talked about education and I loved it.  The author was talking about the struggles of learning to communicate and the ways that they achieved successes.   "Teachers, curricula, and schools of instruction come and go.  If parents, the only constant throughout the entire process, are missing from the equation, the educational void it creates is incalculable."  How very true!  Of course I value that statement as a homeschooling mother, but I also value it for the teachers in traditional schools that battle that on a daily basis.  They are so limited on what they can do if a child isn't getting parental involvement at home.  They are fighting a constant battle that is getting harder and harder to win!

Two of my most favorite parts of the book are when he describes the sky on the day that Sasha officially became theirs.  The other is the description of teaching her to ride a bike and how the entire park erupted in cheers when she finally was pedaling on her own.  Such sweet, tender moments in the book.

If your heart is for the orphan and adoption, I highly recommend ordering a copy of  "The Grace Effect".   Most especially if you are considering the path of adoption in the Ukraine, it is a MUST read. 

One of you can win a copy!  Just respond to this blog post (OR the facebook link where I share this post) and tell me you are interested in reading it.  Giveaway will end on the night of November 22nd.

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