Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Busy Bag: Part 2

Keeping up with the request for learning activities/homeschool related/and busy bag posts.....

Today Bradlee found a new busy bag in his workbox drawers.  He really liked this one.  I originally saw something similar on childcareland.com, but their version was too simple for him.  So I decided to "tweak" it a little and make it more on his learning level. 

I purchased the learning links from Oriental Trading in a pack of 500 because I included this bag in my latest busy bag swap and needed 30 sets of the activity.  I paid about $10 for the bulk bag, but I previously bought smaller packages at Wal-Mart in the aisle with educational workbooks.

I made basic cards with a wordprocessing program.  For Bradlee, I chose to do number WORDS since he isn't as proficient in reading and spelling the words as I would like him to be.  I also made a few easy addition problems for the swap and than some additional cards for Bradlee (he is more advanced in math computation than the target age of the swap).  Cut out cards.  Punch a hole under each number or word, laminate, cut out, and re-punch the holes.  Ready to use. 

He likes this activity so well that I think I will make some additional cards with some CVC words and leave out the vowel, provide 3 different options, and let him choose the correct one by hooking his link under the  answer.  Basically same procedure as the pumpkin poke math.  Endless opportunities!

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