Sunday, November 20, 2011

FFH: One Silent Night Review & Giveaway CHRISTMAS!

I have been an FFH fan for MANY years.  When offered the chance to review their first Christmas CD, I was thrilled!

Can I just say this:  It did NOT disappoint!  In the last two weeks I bet we have listened to it more than a hundred times, literally!  It seems to be constantly playing either from my computer or from my Ipod speakers!  TRULY love it! 

Though I normally am CRAZY about the holidays and easily get in the Christmas spirit, this year it has admittedly been a huge struggle.  Obviously, what I'm feeling is normal and expected.  Losing someone you love is hard no matter what, but when that loss coincides with a holiday such as adds in such a layer of emotions that is hard to describe until you've been there.  Christmas, the most holy time of the year, now carries the greatest pain for me.  Struggling to emotionally handle these coming weeks is ....well....exhausting. 

When I downloaded and played this CD for the first time, something magical happened.  A weight temporarily lifted and I was swept away.  Literally!  When it plays, I find myself completely entranced in the beautiful AND fun aspects of the season.  My heart can embrace the beauty of the season without my heart aching with loss.

Some of the songs are classic, upbeat ones (Jingle Bell Rock for example) and we all find ourselves dancing around the kitchen until someone explodes into fits of laughter.  Some others are just soft and a bit romantic and Kevin and I will steal a dance and a kiss or two (who needs mistletoe?).  Then others.....oh those others....they absolutely just bring you into the presence of Christ and the complete reason why we celebrate this season.  The title track "One Silent Night" is absolutely incredible.  It feels like the world stops for those five minutes.  The same thing happens with "Glorious Impossible". 

I expected to enjoy the CD, but I found that I received much more than just "enjoyment".  A bit of healing.  A bit of strength.  Lots of laughter.  Connection to our savior in the chaos of a normal day and most especially moments to connect and slow down as the holiday stress hits.

The great news is that one of you can also enjoy a downloadable version of this CD.  Instead of receiving an actual hard copy, you will be provided with a link that will allow you to download it to your computer.  Trust me----if I was able to do it without any problem---I imagine you can too!  I was able to download mine easily and transfer it to my Ipod even though I have to admit I've never done it before!  I usually leave something like that up to the experts in the house----my kids!!!  :)

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Christmas or your favorite Christmas memory!  I can't wait to hear from you!  Giveaway will end December 1st so that you can have the entire month of December to enjoy the music.

If you aren't the winner, I highly recommend adding FFH:  One Silent Night to your wish list! 

Now, I do have to throw one slight negative in.  I am just being honest!  I admit that the first song on the CD somewhat was surprising to me.  It's fun.  It has a fun beat.  I like it.  However, it just really seems out of place.  "Baby It's Cold Outside"---fun song----but just surprising to me to be on this particular CD because of the banter back and forth/topic.  It isn't necessarily "bad" or wrong----it just didn't fit with the other songs. 

Other than that,  I can't say a single negative thing about it.....unless of course, it stops playing and I have to get back up to hit re-start!!!  :)


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Michele Pasbrig said...

Favorite Christmas memory? Probably when I got a dollhouse that my mom and brother had put together with their own hands.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas is my last with my dad in 1980. However, many good memories in TN on the farm with Mammie & Pa. I wish you could have enjoyed those times with us. I remember the Christmas I received a Smokey Bear for Christmas and it was my favorite. Chris was sneeking around everyone to get my bear. It was caught on tape. We laugh now, but it was funny then. Have a good Thanksgiving. We love you guys! Sonnie

Deena said...

My favoerite Christmas memory is the joke that my parents played on our children. They had to travel across town and when they arrived theback door of their van was open. My children heard them and ran out to help with presents. My father was looking in the van and told my children that the door fell open and all of the presents were lost. My daughter, who was 6 at the time, said that was okay...we had lots of presents inside and we would share. It was so cute. When they went into the house, their Dad had snuck all the gifts inside and put them under the tree. Our kids thought that Santa must have found them and dropped them off.

Anonymous said...

We got engaged on Christmas. :) Best memory!

noel.christmas365 at gmail dot com

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

One of my favorite memories was when I got a life size doll that my stepmom T made for me. Her name was Sally and I loved her. Little did I know my Dad and T were to poor to buy a lot of presents and T made her out of things she already had. I didn't care I loved her.