Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great Products---Homeschool or Christian Tshirt Review/Giveaway

You can ask hundreds of homeschool parents why they do what they do and you might get similar answers or you might get hundreds of different ones. 

Ask a homeschool family what one of their top difficulties are and many, many times you are going to hear finances are a hindrance (especially since many are one income!).  

A common trait that you will often find is that they are frugal.  Granted, not every homeschool family fits this mold, but many do!  Either frugal by nature or frugal out of need.  

I'm a frugal, bargain shopper.  Zero doubt about that!  I LOVE when I find a deal that fits the wants or needs of our family!  

Let me share a HUGE deal with you....either if you homeschool OR if you just LOVE to wear shirts displaying Christian values!  

For real!

Lots of homeschool themed shirts in MANY different colors.  LOTS of Christian tshirts with amazing graphics, sayings, and scripture.  


$5.99 doesn't typically  go very far these days so this is a steal! 

I've been a customer of GREAT PRODUCTS for several years.  This just isn't a random review/giveaway post of a product I'm not personally familiar with.  Our family is a fan of their shirts (plus tote bags, bumper stickers, etc...).  I can not tell you how many times I've been stopped wearing homeschool mom shirts.  I've given several as gifts over the past couple of years.  Each year, the selection has gotten better and better.  We've bought many in the homeschool section and lots in the Christian section.  

Value + good quality + excellent selection + displaying Christian values/homeschool support + great customer service = repeat customer!  ME! 

I'm a frequent shopper with them even when their products aren't on such GREAT sale.  Even then, it's a great value. 

From experience, customer service is top notch.  Out of owning and gifting over 30 shirts, we've only had a problem with one and they IMMEDIATELY replaced it and were VERY professional in the process! 

We typically do our first day of school pictures wearing their shirts.  We started school early this year to allow for missing a good part of September due to travel and I didn't get a chance to order our fun back to school treats.  This sale definitely gives me the motivation to get an order in!  The only real problem is getting the kids (and myself!) to decide on which ones to buy! (Sigh....I won't talk about what it does to this mom's heart to look back and see how some have grown from toddler sizes to big kid sizes and some from big kids to small adult sizes....oh just fly by!)

I received a shirt of my choice earlier this week for review.  That THRILLED me because all of my shirts are now too big as the pounds are coming off.  It was such a blessing to get to try a smaller size to see if it would fit.  I chose a BRIGHT orange to try out some of their new colors. The color is DEFINITELY bright (wahoo!!!!) and the quality is still top notch!  (As a matter of fact, I think I will be reordering some of my favorites in new colors and sizes because so many of them have great meaning and I was sad to see them go!). 

They make great gifts.  ( kids usually find some of these in their Christmas gifts!).  Order before the 15th to receive the special $5.99 pricing! Some designs have already sold out and others are running low!  Great for teachers, Sunday School teachers/leaders, etc..!

One of you can receive a basic homeschool shirt of your choice! To enter, LIKE Great Products on facebook HERE.  Then come back and simply comment on this post (or the facebook link) and you will be entered to win.  Be sure to leave an email contact. Winner will be chosen at random (using on September 8th (comment must be received by noon CST).  

Thank you GREAT PRODUCTS for the opportunity to review, giveaway, and for continuing to be a company that is trust worthy and allows us to reflect our values!


LadySnow said...

I love their stuff! What a great giveaway!

casajoda said...

Thank you for this opportunity!
I( LIKE ) Great Products on Facebook,
I am the home school Mom of two teenage daughters.