Friday, August 9, 2013

Tyndale Rewards

I love reward programs.
I love free.
I love Christian books.

(If you know me in real life, you know that my saying I love books is an understatement like saying that Cookie Monster likes cookies!)

Put those together and BAM! I'm in love with Tyndale Rewards!

The only other rewards program that might be this high on my list of LOVE is Polar Pop rewards (which my card doesn't get used multiple times daily like it used to!) and of course the ever popular ice cream shop card! :)

Tyndale publishers is one of the top companies of the books sitting on my shelves so I know they produce incredibly inspiring, biblically based products!

How do you earn points?

Join, refer, answer surveys, review products, etc....

What do you get in return?


Points that can be redeemed for FREE (did I mention FREE) books, Bibles, children's products.

Now here is the plea from me...

If you sign up from this personalized link three things happen:

1) You'll begin earning points.
2) I'll be earning points.
3) I'll be increasing my chances to win a KindleFire being offered to the blog/individual that participates (through the review network I participate in) that refers the most members by August 30th.  There are only a maximum of 100 of us, so our family does have a 1/100 shot.  OK---reality is, I'm low down on the size list so I'll probably rolling in at 100....but it doesn't hurt to wish, right! :)

(Disclaimer:  the personalized link gives ME credit for your referral....just wanted to fully disclose that in honesty.)

Now back to regular programming....or blogging world that is.....infomercial over. :)

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