Friday, September 6, 2013

Still the One

Everywhere we turn. 

Right is called wrong. Wrong is called right.  Everywhere---even in the church as a whole at times.

It is becoming more and more difficult to not find ourselves overwhelmed with darkness.

I'm finding myself more and more thankful EVERY single minute for my husband. 

He keeps me grounded.
He embodies that Biblical instruction of caring for me as Christ cares for the church.

He isn't perfect.  We still battle priorities, parenting concerns, misunderstandings, different way of doing things (or speed!) and poor communication (as in I still make the mistake of thinking he can read my mind and he can't).

Yet, he's the greatest treasure my heart can hold.

He still struggles with areas (don't we ALL), but his desire to Grow and Lead are more apparent every day. Even when he doesn't have the answers, he desires to know them.  Even when he doesn't know how to handle a situation, you know he is on your team.

He battles for me and our family (and countless others) in prayer.  Even though he is exhausted beyond imagination in this season of life, he still ends each day with me praying before he falls asleep (instantly) and the last thing he does before leaving home at 4 AM is to wake me up and pray over our day (specifically my day at home with the kids and littles). 

He walks the walk that he talks and when he stumbles he seeks forgiveness.

I love this man.

Many overlook his value.  Many ignore him.  Many don't take the time to see what a gift he is.

He's running on empty.  Work is draining him like words can't describe....


He keeps on walking and serving our family.  He still laughs.  He still LOVES passionately and thoroughly, always finding ways to make our days brighter.  He still carries a 60 pound kid to bed UP the stairs every night and tucks him in (...which feels like a TON when they are dead asleep).  He's still the FIRST to get up when there is any sound in the house or when someone needs something. 
He's still his daughter's hero and the first she runs to tell about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.  He still is the one that has the kids waiting at the door for him to walk in (so they can ask him the million questions that mom couldn't answer or show him things that mom is clueless about).  He's still the one that tells me that I'm beautiful regardless of how my body is aging or the extra pounds that are taking so long to come off (he is blind without his glasses!). He's still the one that spends countless hours rubbing my joints and muscles with "stinky" essential oils so I can sleep and manage life without relying on so many meds. He's still the one that cooks and cleans just as much if not more than I do (true team partner....even though at times this does make me feel like I'm slacking or a failure). He's still the one that calls every break he gets, even if in a whisper I say I can't talk because I'm holding a sleeping child OR I yell that I can't talk right now because I can't hear you over the chaos.  He's still the one that lifts me up when the world has crushed. 

He's still the one that can make me madder than mad or frustrated me beyond words (oh wait....that should wait for another post! LOL!)

He's still the one that reaches my soul and points me in the direction of Christ.

He's still the one that melted my heart into a puddle last night when he settled into pray, but got back up, turned the light on, reached for his glasses and his phone to pull up a picture he had taken of the prayer board in our hallway that I had updated.  He wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

He's still the one.....

That makes this mom know she's more than capable of handling anything because he reminds her of that when she is at her lowest. 

For this and so much more...

I say thank you.

Two little words that don't begin to repay him for what he is....but the only words I have and they are never said enough. NEVER.

The world has enough negativity.  It's time to celebrate the positive. 

(I make no apologies if the 1976 Orleans hit "Still the One" is now stuck in your head! Because it is most definitely on repeat loop in my own head right now!).


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I do have that song stuck in my head, so thanks, lol. Great post.

Sara said...

So glad you appreciate your hubby. You two are blessed.