Sunday, September 22, 2013

In THIS Moment

God has called....

...and we have finally answered Him yes.

Though we don't know the timeline, we know it's not going to be as quickly as we want and probably sooner than we are ready in many ways!


we still MUST live in THIS moment.

The moments right here in front of us and the moments that God is still giving us.

Though we wait with much anticipation and we plan as much as possible to help make our dreams come true, we can NOT discount or ignore the NOW.

Because they matter and I don't want them to slip away.

Ministry opportunities right in our own home, in our own families, with our friends, in our churches, and in our own community still count.  Still matter.

Though we are in CONSTANT seeking mode and with a hunger we've never experienced, we can't let the moments of today slip away.

My mission field will be changing SOMEDAY to a different continent (crazy!), but today it's here.  In this moment.  In this location.

...and it still matters!

It still has value.

When we return from vacation and my brother's wedding, I will be adding some new "littles" to our home.  God gave us an opportunity right here on our own street of a family needing afternoon care for two "little bits".  A chance to be His hands and feet in a tangible way. This family had been on our hearts already and when the opportunity came about, we knew it was something to take on. I will be continuing to offer part time care for a family that we hold dear to our hearts with the upcoming birth of a precious daughter with a rare heart disease---as mom will be spending many weeks away a few hours away from home with her birth and immediate heart surgery. Though we can not come close to being mom (and an AMAZING one she is!), we CAN do our best to offer a loving environment for one of the big sisters and hopefully alleviate a tiny bit of stress from the family.  We will be getting back to full time care of the little boy that has been with us for almost a year and a half AND welcoming his newborn brother in just a few weeks when maternity leave ends.  Though their mom's heart is to be home with the some day, for now I can offer as much love and care to them as possible.

Ministry.  Hands and feet.

First and foremost, my mission field and ministry IS my family.  Our own home.  To love and serve my husband as God designed.  To love and raise our children in such a way that reflects God's love and teaches them to rely on Him, serve Him and serve others.  To educate our children in spiritual matters AND for their academic needs.  As a homeschool family, ministry happens around the kitchen table every day.

Our normal life IS still important and valuable.  I can't let the moments slip away as we wait and prepare for our calling to world missions.  Proactively preparing is important, but I must also keep my heart focused on NOW.

Time truly flies by.
Moments can really slip by unnoticed. More than I count unfortunately have through the years.
Chaos can drown out the stillness needed to worship and connect with Him.

I've always struggled with balance and now it's even more important to find the balance between schedules, needs, and keeping things on track BUT also the flexibility of embracing each moment that happens.  Seeing the opportunities that slip in and grasping them.  Slowing down to keep my eyes on Him and my heart open to little things right in front of my face that can be done to make someone's day a little brighter, moments to reach the hearts of my own children or husband, moments to be an example to others or an encouragement to those hurting, and to just stop and listen.

In the middle of the diapers, feedings, toy explosions, rocking and snuggling, naps, toddler meltdowns, disaster zones, mountains of laundry, meals to make, cleaning to do, appointments to meet, educational needs of 3 different grades plus preschool activities, etc....  I still have to find Him, listen to Him and engage in the moments that reach the hearts of others.

In this moment...

They still matter!

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I'm so glad you posted this because I do see people looking for the time they leave to be missionaries and not realizing that everywhere is our mission field and we must live in the here and now because we aren't even promised tomorrow. I also appreciate what you said about your home and family! It is your first ministry - I definitely agree.