Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Roads

It seems as if there are themes that get stuck in my head. Everywhere I've turned the last couple of weeks and especially this last week, the famous line that begins one of Robert Frost's most famous poems has been either staring at me from every corner of social media, in books I've been reading, conversations I've heard, etc...

I've learned that when something keeps getting mentioned multiple times or is visibly in front of my face from various mediums....

It's time to pay attention.

Constantly in my head I've been going through my *two road* scenarios....

Where am I needing to take the road less traveled by? Where am I already taking the road less traveled, but need to recommit to?  If I'm at a crossroads, which path am I going to take?  The easy one or the one that may be harder or less accepted by the "world".  Which one is the one that leads me closer to God even if out of my comfort zone? Which road am I on that I know is the wrong path, but I'm still refusing to change direction?  At crossroads, who do I turn to in helping decide?  Am I deciding by my own desires or truly seeking His direction?  Am I receiving wise council or am I letting the world or circumstances provide faulty advice?

I'm finding myself in every one of this situations right now.  God is definitely at work in my heart causing me to evaluate many things. 

We, as a family, are at a huge crossroads as we seek God's will in finding out if He is calling us out of our comfort zones and into a different culture across the world or is He calling us into more of a support role? Is He calling our daughter to make that choice in about two years?

We, as a couple, have taken multiple wrong paths through our years of marriage and are finally reaping the incredible benefits of it "having made all the difference" by choosing to back up and walk down different paths.  We still find ourselves at times taking steps in the wrong directions and needing to be pulled back onto the path that we know works.  Being on the "right" path also leaves us quite unpopular at times.  There really are people out there that HATE to see a couple happy or a family thrive! LOTS!

We have taken some paths recently that people don't understand, but it has made all the difference in our family dynamics and spiritual growth. 

We've had to walk away from some unhealthy relationships. Trust me, some of this hurt and leave scars that can only be healed through the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

We've walked away from what the world says is normal in what we watch, read, listen to.  We've walked away from what the world says is normal in regards to how we spend our money.  We've walked away from what the world says is normal in how spend our times.  Our goals are different than what the world expects.

We parent differently.  We educate differently.  We place HIGH value on what we feed our hearts, soul, and mind.  We are definitely NOT on the popular path. 

While those things are good.....

There is more.

Are there areas that outside influence is taking over little by little?  Yes, God has been putting some of those on my heart lately.  Been revealing areas in my own heart that aren't in the condition He wants them.  He isn't pleased with some of those hidden areas and recesses that try to stay out of view.

Are there areas that I've become rigid and locked into that are the wrong?  Yes.  I find myself easily getting caught up in things that have emotionally hurt so much lately.  I know I need to react in ways that are of the Spirit and not of flesh, but unfortunately flesh wins too often.  I get caught on the wrong path of listening to lies that satan repeats over and over.  I get too caught up in approval.  At times, my own heart is beginning to get jaded and callous because it's been stepped on so much.  I get too caught up in the words of condemnation and have trouble discerning between condemnation and conviction.  God is calling me to walk on a different path. Yet, how many times do my feet stay planted firmly on the wrong one because I don't want to give up my will.  Or how many times do I give Him control to only put my hand back out five seconds later to take it back?

Are there areas that I am on the right path, but I've lost my focus or feel discouraged.  Oh yes, a million times over.  He's reminding me that doing the right thing is also about the attitude with which I do it. 

It's as if God is pulling at the strings of my heart, rubbing the dazed looked from my eyes, and opening my physical ears and the ears of my heart.  He's changing my focus and drawing me back to Him.  The question is, which path will I take?  Will I take the easy one or the hard one?  Will I take the popular or the unpopular?  Will I make the choices that draw me to Him or ones that put stumbling blocks in the way?  Will I stay on the right path even when it feels lonely or painful?

I know the answers I hope to be able to give.  Yet, I know that some paths I'm tripping over rocks in the way and need to change direction or I need to be better equipped.  Some paths I need to be running in the opposite direction of.  Some paths I need to be reaching out to others along the way asking for assistance.

Looking inward and evaluating.  Deciding which paths need a new roadmap!

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