Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stuck to Him

There is something I've always known about my youngest, but it's depth and magnitude have been more visible to me lately. 

His main love language is touch. 

And....he thrives with it....

And...he crashes and melts down without it.

From the very beginning of life, he was a mold into your skin little snuggler.  I always have cherished those snuggle moments, but for him it's been far more of a need.

He HAS to touch me.

He HAS to be near me. 

Even now, at almost 7, he comes and finds me out of the blue several times a day for a hug or a kiss. 

It's not good enough to just "half-way" respond to him.

When he snuggles, he has to be stuck to me like a magnet or Velcro.  Just holding him or sitting beside him isn't enough.  He HAS to be stuck like glue with no room to breathe!

Now, don't get me wrong, he's active and independent.  He loves going places and doing things without me.  He's one that is willing to try new things the easiest.

He just thrives on touch. 

Today it was just the two boys at home with me.  My husband was at a men's conference and our daughter was at a church retreat.  Little man definitely took advantage of my attention not being divided quite as much.  I got to enjoy the greatest little snuggly buddy for an afternoon nap. 

He wouldn't even let my arm drop from him.  If it did, he'd gently pick it back up and put it back on him.  If I slowly wiggled away to give myself a bit of room or turned over, he'd maneuver himself back so that he was STUCK LIKE GLUE!

I'm going to admit, some days I feel so pulled in countless directions and have been completely frazzled and need my personal space, but for the most part I cherish his need for physical touch and affirmation because heaven knows, these days flash by like lightning!  At one point this afternoon, I somewhat began to get a little aggravated because I wanted to turn over and go to sleep in MY spot in MY comfortable position.  I wanted what I wanted. 

But then.....

In a gentle spirit...

God reached my soul with the reminder of how  He wants the same thing from me.

He wants me stuck like glue.  He wants me craving and needing to return to Him constantly through the day.  He wants me constantly looking for Him.  He wants me so close that I'm literally stuck to Him like a magnet or Velcro. 

Oh the things we can learn from a child....

All because of his sweetest little desire for Mom's touch and affirmation.

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