Saturday, April 20, 2013

Break Away Movie Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a different company than I typically review for and asked if I would be willing to view another faith based film and review it.  Since I've greatly appreciated similar opportunities from different firms, I was thrilled with the opportunity.  I consider it a great blessing!

Knowing that "Break Away" is from the same makers of "Faith Like Potatoes" (WORD Films) and that the setting of the movie is in South Africa, I jumped at that chance!  Africa (especially South Africa) have been deeply on our hearts and growing deeper by the day as we watch friends moving there this summer as full time missionaries and as we pray and seek God's guidance in listening to see what He is asking of us and where His path leads us. 

Official Break Away Movie Trailer  can be viewed here.  "Break Away" can be ordered from Amazon HERE when it releases on April 23.


From WORD Films:

Francois is a hard working husband and dad that gets laid off from his job. None of his efforts to get another job succeed and he is forced to use what he has, including an old bicycle, in order to provide for his family. With the help of his "black sheep" brother, a bicycle shop owner and a pro-cyclist, Francois makes some life-changing discoveries about his life, career and faith in God.

Although a fictional story, BREAK AWAY, was inspired by true events around the recession that left people without work. The message brings hope and offers practical and Biblical solutions in a very entertaining way.

MY take:

Break Away was filmed on a very limited budget of only about $55,000.  That is a drop in the bucket of a typical movie---ok----only a partial drop!  Keeping that in mind, you can't expect the greatest movie project on earth.  Operating with an extremely limited crew (7 professionals and 15 volunteers), you can't expect top notch acting.  With that said, the movie itself in terms of "quality" isn't the most top notch.  We aren't talking Academy Awards here! 

However, if you can look beyond that and keep your expectations in check---the movie has an INCREDIBLE message.  A message worth watching!  I'm going to be honest, I struggled with the first hour.  Had it not been a review, I probably would have turned it off....

But then....

Hang with me...

It changed so much for the better.  I found myself drawn in and cheering for the characters.  My heart was seeing the message that the production team felt so strongly about sharing.  In the beginning, I just found myself drawn to the cultural aspects of South Africa and wanting to learn more about the area. By the end, I felt the emotional and spiritual pull that was on the hearts of the production team. 

The movie tagline, "When it seems like you've lost everything, use what you've got and let God multiply it", really came to life.  I could feel myself in the characters shoes knowing first hand what it feels like to be faced with financial crisis after a job downsizing in a downward economy.  Knowing the pressure Francois felt in trying to find a way to provide for his family when he was constantly faced with the word "no".  We've felt the feelings of helplessness and have nothing but faith to cling to when you know you are facing the possibility of losing your home and the emotions of failure. 

Francois didn't give up.  Even when he hadn't fully submitted his situation to God, he still was purposeful and hard working.  However, the beauty of the movie and the message is what happened when he took a small opportunity and let it be used by God.  THAT is what changed the movie.  THAT is what allowed me to look past the "low" budget aspect and LOOK at the film with new eyes.  I greatly identified with Francois wife and admire how she supported her husband through very difficult times! Though the movie is a dramatic/fictional story, it still reminded my heart of the importance of being a woman of faith in hard times.  We, as wives, have the power to crush our husbands or we can go to battle FOR them! 

It's so very much a message worth listening to. 

The producers adopted the gospel account of the five loaves of bread and two fish as their mantra in producing the movie.  They had little to be used (in regards to finances, crew size), but knew that God could make much out of so little. 

We ALL need to surround ourselves with a message of hope! 


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