Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Renewal

Spring finally arriving has put some pep in my step and heart.  We had the most amazing weekend in regards to laughter, time outside, breaking out the grill, visits with friends, and some EXTREME productivity.  It was good for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Spring is just beginning here....the grass is slowly turning green and we are seeing the first signs of it perhaps hanging around. 

Spring always creates such a stir in my heart and gives me the desire to clean, purge, organize.....

Just a fresh start with everything.

I'm reminded of how greatly it affects my moods in positive ways.

Spiritual I'm ready for that same renewal. 

Fresh start.

Renewed desires.

Refocusing on areas that matter most.

Something that has slipped down my list of priorities is the time I spend directly in His word.  Not just reading an incredible book or devotional.  Not just reading some quality Christian blogs.

I heard at Hearts at Home a great description of why it is important to actually study and read God's word directly and it has really convicted me. We can easily get caught up in reading or listening to what others says about scripture instead of reading it ourselves.  The Bible is God's love letter to each of us.  Written for us!  Now, think of a love letter being written by your spouse.  Instead of reading it directly from his hand, he gives it to someone else.  They read it to you. Does that have the same power?  Umm....don't think so!  We can still get the meaning and absorb the words, but it just doesn't have the same affect as reading it first hand!

I'm talking about my need for TRUE focus reading of scripture and STUDYING it.  Daily reading is necessary and important, but my DEEP time in the word has been slipping as life has been busy.  To be honest, it has been slipping because life is "good" right now. 

*That* is a dangerous place to be.  Carrying around the cocky attitude of "I don't need it" or letting down my guard of its importance is....well....plain and simply put...wrong.  No sugar coating.

That is an open invitation to let satan in to destroy or confuse.

I also get upset when someone brushes me off.  I get upset when I don't feel like I'm on my husband's top priority list.  I definitely know the difference when he kisses me in passing as a "greeting" or when he truly stops what he is doing and focuses on me!

I'm doing the same thing to God when I let other things take priority over my time with Him.  I'm doing the same thing to Him when I only half way go through the motions.  When I read just a few chapters to basically say I read it and to be done is WRONG.  When I treat it like a check-list instead of letting it MOVE and CHANGE me, I'm approaching it WRONG.

I'm guilty.

I'm asking God to renew my passion for His word.  I'm asking for a hunger that can't be filled.  I'm asking for wisdom and discernment.  I'm asking for understanding of His word.

I'm finding it. 

He's relighting a passion in me, just like spring does after a long, dreary winter.

I have spent the last several days reading with the right attitude, but I was wanting a more specific direction of study, either a topic a specific chapter/book.   I had been looking online for something "new" and then yesterday at church, Pastor Joe sparked my interest when he recommended looking at the "closing remarks" that Paul makes in each of his letters to the various churches he wrote.  He spoke about one specific one ( 2 Corinthians 13:11), but for the sake of time he just was able to write out the scripture reference to 12 others.  I've started looking at each of those. 

I'm completely enthralled, intrigued, and passionate about those "final instructions" in each letter.  I'm excited that a switch has been clicked back on and I can't get enough of His word.  Back to taking notes, looking up cross-references, pulling up Hebrew or Greek translations of words....just digging and learning.  I thought I'd read through them and maybe take a few notes and only spending a day or two on all of them combined.  Instead, I'm finding myself STILL on the first one!

It feels good.

Just like that boost from the sun shining this weekend, I'm feeling the boost of spending time with God and His word in the right attitude!  I'm praying He continues to fuel that passion and teaches me more and more.  Praying I can be a sponge and soak up everything He has! 

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