Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Memories

There is no doubt I'm sentimental and sappy.  I'm definitely feeling homesick more and more, especially with the thrill of knowing we are going home next month for a few days.  Gosh, it's been 18 months.  Unfortunately, this trip won't allow for us to see many people or spend nearly as much time as we would like since Kevin and I will be at a conference---but we do get to go home!  Thinking about home has really left me thinking about...

Childhood and simple memories.

Our society values things over people too often.  It values things over time. 

Many parents are working longer hours to buy more things.  You have parents that feel "less than" because they can't financially buy the newest and latest gadget for their children or the pricey brands of clothing. 

Yet, it REALLY isn't about things.  It REALLY isn't about more!

It seems as if the new status quo is about how "busy" we are.  It seems to be that our lives have to be overscheduled and booked solid with activities to be "in".  We somehow are judged by and judge others based on how busy our schedules are. 

We are so off base. 

The greatest memories of childhood I have ARE the simple ones.  The ones that didn't cost a penny or were extremely inexpensive.

When I'm looking back at memories or when I'm needing reassurance, my heart immediately remembers those simple things.

It's the same thing I want for my children.

Though countless memories often come to mind, a few that immediately pop in first:
  • watermelon and homemade icecream with extended family
  • sitting side by side and coloring with Teresa (that was a huge treat because she is a talented artist and so creative)
  • standing on the beat up,covered in paint and stains, stepstool and cooking/baking/crafting
  • koolaid popsicles or jello with whatever flavor happened to be on sale
  • playing in the creek and hoping for a good rainy season so the water would stay deep longer through the summer
  • catching lightning bugs (fireflies)
  • picking buttercups (daffodils)
  • church league softball practically every night during the summer
  • watching Sweet T and Granny crocheting and talking and wondering if I'd ever have that skill to make beautiful things from a hook and thread (and NO is that answer!!!)
  • countless hours sitting at the piano or listening to someone at the piano
  • camping, camping, and camping
  • orange pushups or grape nehi at the gas station on occasion and cherishing those days
  • all things gardening, but especially picking strawberries and eating far more than ever made it into the buckets
All in all, the greatest memories are the ones that were about slowing down and being together.  Those are the ones that matter most.

We may feel like our kids are missing out on something big in life when we don't buy them everything their hearts desire. We may feel odd man out when we encourage them to work and save up for things they want instead of just handing money over.  Going against the "norm" of the ever growing sense of entitlement may make us as parents looked at as "crazy".  Choosing to unpack schedules and getting off the hamster wheel of countless "enrichment" activities may not be what our friends are doing....


Be different.
Choose less.
Give more time and less "stuff".
Focus more on the simple things and less of the "want more".

Time is what they truly will remember.  Thinking back, it's most likely what YOU remember.  You may remember a time that you really wanted something (the new toy, the new gadget)...if you finally got it....I bet you remember how that it really didn't make your life any more special.  What you REALLY remember making a difference in your life are the simple memories!

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