Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photographs of the Heart

Believe it or not, I have a post to write that I can't find the words for.   So, I just leave you with pictures of the heart.  Can't even begin to write the words to go with them. 

For those of you that have followed along with my blog for any amount of time or on facebook, you know that I spent a large part of spring and early summer focusing on a project.  The project was to "help" others.  Yet, the person that was changed was me. 

I'm so grateful for Jenn and Mark for providing these priceless pictures for me.  Words can't begin to describe what I was feeling looking at them.  Can't begin to describe what it does for my heart and what it means for our future.  God hasn't revealed that yet, but I know one thing....we are moved.  Jenn and Mark talk about how they will never be the same and I BELIEVE that.  However, the ripple of changing hearts doesn't just end with those that made the trip.  It's affecting others as well.  Plans for a return trip are in the future and I know for certain that I absolutely plan to be on that plane!  Unless God provides a way for it sooner!  :)

(You can read about why I started this project here, but for now I leave you with these pictures). 

 Jenn tying the ribbons on one of my dresses.  I ended up sending 82. Something about this picture just stirs me in such a way I've never experienced. 
 a sampling of the dresses and shorts
(Karen, the first little girl in the front row is wearing a dress that used your mom's lace.  The tallest girl in the 2nd row is wearing the dress that we called our favorite (out of the non-sentimental materials) and I LOVE her expression!)
Royal Seed Home
Accra, Ghana West Africa
(table shows the dresses and shorts that were donated, something like 220 dresses and 160 shorts for the boys)

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

This is more than amazing, it is unbelievable. To see something you worked so hard to do for so long and to see those sweet faces actually wearing what you made is unreal. What an incredible blessing to them and you!