Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good! She's Asleep!

I'm getting somewhat nervous because God has laid a STACK of blog posts on my heart in the last couple of days.  Not nervous about the topics, but nervous about getting them done while they are so fresh on my heart and being an open vessel to be used HIS way.  When He changed my attitude and direction about my blog as a ministry, I thought maybe He would let me "ease" into it.  Guess not!  :)

Here we go.  Hang on tight, Tracye!

I have this problem.  It plagues me.  I know I'm not the only one that deals with it because I've had part of this conversation with so many people.  Here is the problem: turning something over to God and letting it GO!  Placing 100% faith in Him to handle the situation.  Believing and trusting in Him no matter how difficult.  Believing in Him even when situations aren't turning out just as we think they should.

Instead, I'm more like this.  Here, God.  Take it.  I can't handle this anymore.  I am trusting you to work out all the details.  YOU are in control.  I surrender to you.

Sounds great doesn't it?  But here is the rest of the story.  Less than five minutes later, days later, or when the "trusting" gets tough it may sound something like this:  OH, not THAT!  You want me to do WHAT?  I said yes, but maybe I meant it only partially.  Here, let me just take that back from you.  I probably know more of what I need and I want things to work my way. 

Or, what about this scenario?  Here, you take it.  No, wait give it back.  Oh, here God I can't handle it.  Yet I take it back. 

Sound familiar?

Today, I read something remarkable that REALLY put that into perspective.  It touched me deep and I want to share it with you. 

Picture this.  You wake up early and you don't stop running the entire day.  You are constantly wiping noses, breaking up arguments, cleaning up spills, picking up toys that you know you picked up five minutes ago, you're carpooling so much you don't know whether you are coming or going.  You can't find the time or privacy to spend three minutes alone in the bathroom without someone knocking on the door with an "emergency".  They are bickering again.  Someone let the dog out.  One child needs help with algebra, one child needs help with sentence diagramming, and the other child is begging for attention at the same time.  Wait....did I feed them lunch?  One child is so upset because he can't find that ONE car in the box of 100.  You step on another Lego.  Mommy, my tummy hurts.  Husband walks in the door and deserves your full attention that you so desire to give him.  Oh wait, is that the oven timer going off or is that the washing machine timer? 

You get the picture. 

There is this magic time that finally happens.  For some (how blessed you are!) it may be 8.  For others, it may be 10.  Whenever it is or however it happens, they go to sleep!  For those first few seconds there is probably an audible sound of relief that comes out of your mouth.  (BEFORE you start thinking about the other things you need to do, before you start preparing for the next day, and before the youngest comes back down because he had a bad dream or before one of the others comes down for a drink!!!)  It's that sublime moment you realize they are all asleep.  It's magical.  The day has ended and they've drifted off into sweet slumber.

God also has that moment with us!  When we've given something our very best, it's important to LEAVE it in the hands of God.  We have to learn to stop taking it back. 

Here is the beauty:

"God is as glad to have you go to bed at night as you are to have your children fall asleep.  He says the same thing about you that you say about your children!  Good!  She's asleep.  Now I can FINALLY get something done!"

WE I need to learn to truly leave things in His hands.  He is WELL beyond capable of handing each and every thing that I can't.  He usually is just waiting for me to give Him that full surrender.  So many times I look back and see that if I had only given Him that surrender earlier, the details would have worked out sooner.  I cause myself senseless worry and heartache.  He just needs me to LEAVE it to Him!

"Now, peace. Be still.  God is on the night watch!" 

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