Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Break Time!

By this time tomorrow night, we hope to be enjoying some amazing family time under the bright stars.  Taking a break from the "world" and just focusing on each other on a camping adventure.  It usually ends up being one of our greatest times for family memories and togetherness.  A SLOW down from the chaos!  PEACE and quiet in God's perfect nature.  Adventures around every corner.  We tend to get lost along the hiking trails (purposely).  The boys usually accidentally on purpose fall into the creeks.  Every other time we've gone, we've been caught in torrential downpours and flooding, but this time there is NO rain in the forecast.  Could it be possible?  Last year was so bad that the tent had to be thrown away in the dumpster on the way out of the state park (just a yard sale find that was SO not water proof!!!).   Finally going to use the new tent we bought for Kevin's Father's Day gift. 

It's our time to recharge and reconnect before another school year begins.  A chance to think about the direction our family is going and if we want to steer in a different direction or keep on the same path.  A chance to just BE STILL!  Countless laughs!  Numerous games of Phase 10, apples to apples, and bananagrams! 

It's a time to "unplug"!  Though we will have our phones and have coverage except on some of the hiking trails, we still plan to limit ourselves.  NOT even packing the computer!  Wahoo!!!  I usually feel a little odd for about the first few hours and after that there is a calm that comes from turning off the outside world. 

So, good bye blogging world for the next few days.  Hope to see you on Monday with stories to tell and hopefully with renewed energy and reconnected hearts with those I cherish most! 

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