Thursday, June 16, 2011

Philippians 4:6-7 - Seeds Family Worship - "Do Not Be Anxious"

Going along with my earlier post this morning, THIS is another reason why our lives have been changing. We have made much more of a daily effort in regards to prayer, Bible study, and memorizing scripture.

Let's face it. What goes in, come out in some form or another. Listen to music that creates imagery in your mind that shouldn't be and it WILL affect all aspects or your life! Watch TV shows that leave nothing to the imagination, covers topics that you wouldn't dare let your children watch, and unacceptable language is WILL come out!

Fill you heart with God's word and it WILL drown out the negativity that is thrown every direction. It WILL help you stand against Satan's attacks. It WILL connect you to the one that loves you so much that He gave His VERY life FOR YOU! It IS the strongest weapon we have to strengthen our families, marriages, and fill every ache in our hearts.

Let me be bluntly honest. It's usually not fun. It CAN be hard to get children to memorize scripture and even HARDER for some of us adults. Reading the Bible WILL change your life. Memorizing His Word will create an avenue for blessing that you can't comprehend! It IS LIFE giving and LIFE-CHANGING. For years, I've memorized countless verses but I had two problems. One, I NEVER was good at remembering where it was found in the Bible itself. It was great to have His words in my heart, but I struggled to FIND them when I wanted to refer back. Second, I have trouble thinking of specific verses when I need them most.

A few months ago, we stumbled on something that greatly changed how I look at scripture memorization. Seeds Family Worship CDs have been AMAZING! We LOVE music in our home. Music changes me. A bad day can instantly be changed when I listen to music that helps put me back in the right frame of mind. Seeds has taken scripture (NIV version) and put it to music in ways that just penetrate and are catchy. After listening just a few times, we find that we are humming along and we start filling in the blank with the next word. Before long, we know the entire song which means we know the entire verse or passage! What I LOVE is that there is no filler words; it is pure scripture. They also repeat the chapter reference in the song MANY times! It's also great that each CD is based on a topic. We started out with Courage and those verses have come to mind CONSTANTLY. No effort. Just God using the words that had already been penetrating my soul! It is so much easier to "clean out your thought closet" when your thoughts are more often centered around God's word. It isn't as difficult to hear His voice over the chaos of life when you heart is already bathed in His word.

I don't like boring. I don't like "hard work". I LOVE easy and I most especially LOVE effective tools! Seeds fits that bill. (NO, I'm not being asked to write this nor am I doing it in exchange for any freebies, etc.... like I do with some of the books I've written about. This is purely based on what a blessing it is in our lives!).

We gave Bradlee the next 3 CDs for his birthday last night (had a promotional code to reduce the cost!). These newest ones haven't disappointed in the least and I'm super excited to listen to them all.

You can check them out at . Two other things worth noting: 1) Each CD includes an extra identical CD for you to share with someone to plants seeds in their hearts. We typically use the extra CD for a few weeks in the van and then pass it along to someone. 2) If you visit the website and click on the "kids" header, you can download and print out memory cards and check lists to help as well. The "Families" section also has great ideas for incorporating scripture and excellent resources for creating God centered homes!

Some people may think we are "freaks", weird, and all of those other negative words that we hear often. I say, maybe so....but so what! Our home has never been more joyful, our lives have never been more greatly blessed (even despite great losses!), our marriage has never been more connected, and our children have never been more "settled". I think the results speak loud and clear. I'll take "freak" any day! (Yes, you can probably imagine that we love rocking out to "Jesus Freak"!)

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