Monday, June 27, 2011

Ordinary Days: Photo Journey (1)

At the urging of some friends, I am going to start posting some photo glimpses into some of our daily activities.  Since I'm so incredibly far behind in scrapbooking and because so many of my family isn't on facebook (where I share so much of our daily lives), this photo journey will help remind us of all the ordinary days that are priceless. 

I haven't felt so well the past couple of days, so I was thrilled to get outside and spend a bit of time working on VBS prep work tonight.  I was anxious to try out my idea of making bamboo poles out of cardboard tubing (fabric bolts).   Sneak peak:

While we were waiting for it to dry, Bradlee was getting a bit bored and wanted to go play at a neighbors house with Peyton.  Peyton really didn't want a tag-a-long so we had to come up with an idea to keep him busy and happy.

 Several weeks ago, I finally received my box of busy bags from a swap I participated in. It was the perfect time to grab one that was just perfect to play with outside. Bradlee loved playing clothes line.

He had a bucket of soapy water, one with clean water, some clothes cut out of felt, clothes pins, and a make shift clothes line that Kevin temporarily put up for him.  He was happy, busy, and VERY much occupied for a good solid 30 minutes.  Success!

Oh......and let's not forget he made sure and turned this activity in to a typical boy version.......

He had to make sure the clothes were GOOD and muddy first. 


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Love it! Send me some busy bag ideas when you have time (ha).

Tracye said...

Many of the ideas that came in my box (swap I participated in and hope to do so again!) are from the above website. Also, just about anything you can put in your workboxes will work great for a busy bag. The actual clothes line bag came from Money Saving Mom; she was included in my last swap. If you think you might like to participate in a future swap, check in on Brenda plans to host some swaps in the near future! Basically, you make a certain number of the SAME bag, ship it to one person with $15 return shipping and then a few weeks later you get a box delivered with all of the different ones from that particular swap. I did that with part of Bradlee's birthday money and he has loved having his (and my sanity has been much more intact!).

Tracye said...