Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Are More ~ Tenth Avenue North

I love Contemporary Christian music and it can instantly literally change everything for me. I heard this song today and I can not stop the tears from flowing or make the "chills" go away.

This is a song that I wish EVERY single person would REALLY listen to. WE are full of mistakes and regrets. We all feel at times that we are not worthy to make the simplest request of God because of the shame we feel and the regrets we have. How do you carry on when you feel like you can't even look in the mirror because your life is so messed up? How do you pray when you don't even feel worthy enough to say his name?

This song goes DIRECTLY with some very deep conversations that have been taking place recently and I just had to share it. The answers to those questions are answered RIGHT here. WE ARE MORE than the choices we have made. WE ARE MORE than the sum of our past mistakes. WE ARE MORE than the problems we create. Why? BECAUSE We've been remade! It is NOT about what we've done, it's about what has been done for us.

We all have to learn that God truly loves us and He wants us to come to Him. He doesn't want us to wait until we are "perfect", He wants us NOW and in the shape we are in. He will remake us. He is a God of restoration.

I think we ALL need to hear the message of this song OFTEN, in the midst of our struggles....when we are just about ready to give in and give up. I know I needed to hear it and let it just penetrate every part of me. To someone very dear to me, this is specifically for you! I want you to listen to it and BELIEVE it. Please don't shut down and back away because of the struggles you are facing. JUST hold onto the truth of this song.

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