Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday: In Need of a Restart

Some days you can just keep going and moving forward no matter what obstacles are in your way. You can find the joy in the little things, see the little blessings that are hidden in the chaos, and keep fighting against the grain. No matter how many people come against you or no matter how many things are coming your way, you can keep your eyes focused on what matters.

Then there are the other days. The days that you can't shake the unsettled feeling or you don't feel like putting forth the energy to stay on track. There are the days that you would rather just crawl back in bed, pile every pillow you own on top of your head to block out all the sounds around you. Today is one of those days.

Today isn't necessarily any worse than any other day. Nothing tragic has happened and nothing extreme has gone wrong. My list of concerns is no more pressing than yesterday. It's just all in the perspective and in the attitude.

Our attitudes REALLY do change everything. Some days it's EASY to choose joy and gratitude. Other days it is a struggle to find it. It doesn't mean the blessings are gone or that God has taken his peace away from me. I just have taken my eyes off the light shining from the lighthouse and have temporarily lost direction.

I woke up feeling tired of "battle" this morning. Instead of immediately going to God for His direction and praising Him, I allowed Satan to creep in and create a tiny seed of doubt to grow and grow. It doesn't take long!!!!

So right now I'm having to make the deliberate choice to stop my "stinkin' thinkin' " and focus on the truth of God. I'm going to have to shut off the negative voices that are completely trying to invade. I'm going to have to let him restore the peace in my heart and provide restoration. The situations we're facing or have dealt with that are wearing me down are not going to magically disappear, but God can put my heart RIGHT back where it should be and help me to refocus. I'm going to trust Him to hush the voices of doubt, bitterness, anger, and uncertainty. I'm going to trust Him to handle each and every battle with me. It's a choice. I can either continue to let my day go downhill and snowball out of control or I can turn it back and let Him restart it with a heart makeover. I'm choosing Him.

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