Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MOVE your feet!

"Don't ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet."

That statement was the first thing I read this morning and it hit me like a lightning "AHA" moment for sure. 

This or a similar version of this prayer is something that I pray VERY often.  I firmly believe in seeking God's direction and asking Him to lead the way. 

It's the second half of the statement that "spoke" to me this morning.  Am I really willing to MOVE when He says MOVE?  Am I really willing to step out in faith?  Do I really take the steps He says take?

More times than not, I think I find myself still glued in that same spot.  He says "Go" and I'm still standing there praying for direction.  He says "Go" and I don't like "His" answer so I keep praying and seeing if He is going to reveal a different plan.  He says "Go" and I don't feel ready, so I stay right where I am.  Perhaps even most often, He says "Go" and I don't have strong enough faith to blindly follow Him.  The world crowds out His voice.  My doubts speak louder than my faith.  Then there are those times that I'm JUST PLAIN stubborn! 

How many times do we pray prayers but don't listen to the answers for so many different reasons?  How many times do we pray prayers and put disclaimers on them?  God, help me do this or God, will you do this....umm, but don't make me have to _________________ or don't do it this way _____________! 

I wonder how many times, especially in the last several months, God hears my prayer and is like "Tracye, Tracye, Tracye...I've already answered that for you SO many times, but you just wouldn't listen!" 

I think maybe I should change my prayer approach.  Maybe I should be praying for BOLD faith, COURAGE, and His strength to move my feet because so many times He has already told me which direction to go! 

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