Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mission Statement

It has been a very difficult week and a half for me physically. My body hasn't cooperated and I've not bounced back from this flareup as quickly as I needed. Unfortunately, timing couldn't be worse with all that I needed to accomplish this week/weekend to get us ready for school. It's also going to be hard on me to travel to Kevin's family reunion tomorrow. We've looked forward to it for many months.

I spent most of the week emotionally down because my "list" was getting further behind. Stress has increased more every day. Late yesterday I began to find peace in the situation. The more stressed I am, the longer my body is going to revolt. I've decided to find purpose in this "down" time. As I mentioned yesterday, there has been lots of "heart" work going on. Perhaps that will make up for everything else I'm behind on since I will be more at peace and renewed spiritually.

This entire summer, I have been wanting to create MY mission statement. A statement that describes my roles and keeps me on "track" with what I feel God wants me to accomplish. MANY times I've read how effective a mission statement is for overwhelmed moms. I FALL in that category EVERY day. I've attempted many times to write it over the summer, but I was never able to quiet my mind enough to do it effectively. Since Kevin was so great about taking care of EVERYTHING today, I had enough peace to finally accomplish it. It felt great to finally REALLY think about all of my roles and how I want to live my life. After much brainstorming, writing and rewriting....thinking...praying...writing again.....I finally did it.

Mission Statement of Tracye Leigh Goad
Christian Walk:
Intentionally seek and listen for God's will by intimately pursuing Him through study of His word, worship, and prayer. Completely submitting and surrendering to Him so that I can be fully emptied of self and filled with Him---fully used by Him so this His love overflows into every aspect of my life. Have a heart of gratitude, a life of integrity, and a joyous spirit. Pursue Him passionately. Know Him. Glorify Him. Make Him known.
As a wife, I want Kevin to know that he is loved unconditionally, admired, and respected. I want to support him, encourage him, and challenge him to constantly pursue faith and godliness. I want to encourage him to be the spiritual leader of our family. I want to serve him in ways that clearly communicate my love for him. I want to be a passionate and involved wife that shows him what a treasure he is. I want to live a life that shows Kevin that he is my partner in life in every aspect. Love unconditionally. Forgive freely. Communicate openly.
As a mother and as their teacher, I will delight in Adriana, Peyton, and Bradlee, showing them grace and unconditional love. I want to create a home that nurtures them in such a way that by modeling Christ to them that they will be men and women committed to their faith and personal beliefs. I want them to walk with integrity and compassion, have kind and generous hearts, and to be great stewards of the talents He has provided each of them with. I want to inspire them to listen to and live for God throughout their entire lives. I seek to listen and be available to them, have fun and make great family memories. I want to promote comfort, confidence, and stability while trying to live simply, love deeply, and laugh abundantly. I seek to instill a love for learning in them that will help them grow intellectually and give them the confidence they need to fulfill the call God has on their lives. I will share in their curiosity and wonder as we learn and grow together. I will encourage them to be the best students they can be, always having them seek to go above and beyond what is asked. I will pray that God reveals His purpose for each of their lives and that they have the skills necessary to implement it. Our home will be a peaceful environment, a "holy place" of refuge that inspires love, learning, creativity and a thirst for relationship with the living God.
Whole Being:
I seek to live my life in such a way that others are inspired to fully pursue Jesus and desire constant growth in their personal lives. I will seek ways to determine and use my gifts from God to encourage and uplift others. I will pursue a life that allows me to be creative and will engage in activities that help me feel invigorated and renewed. I will learn to embrace this season of life as one that God has blessed me with. Seek to live simply and with purpose, finding a balance in the middle of chaos. To always be at peace in heart and mind knowing that I'm fulfilling God's purpose by being the wife and mother that I am. Most importantly, I will shine God's light to my family, friends, and neighbors so that I am always pointing them to Christ and His gospel.

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