Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gratitude For an Answered Prayer

One great thing (which there are many) about blogging is that as times goes along, you have a journal that allows you to see when God does answer your prayers and it makes it easier to see your blessings in "black and white." As I was trying to go to sleep last night (another hard to fall asleep night), I began to think about a prayer I had prayed for my daughter and how God had already put His answers in place.

God blessed us with a daughter that has always been beyond her years in maturity and has had great understanding of the world around her. She has a mature faith that comes from her own beliefs, not just because "we say so". As much as Kev and I have struggled with standing our ground to live "set apart" from the world, it has been equally as hard for her if not harder. She has more sense of right and wrong and a better grasp of priorities than many of her friend's parents. That makes it hard for a 13 year old! She knows the choices she makes are ones that make God proud, but it feels like hitting a brick wall when her friends (ESPECIALLY those at church of all places) constantly make bad choices. For that reason, we began to pray for her to have mentors to come along and encourage her. Mentors that could hold her accountable to that higher standard AND to help pick her up when she didn't feel like she could "fight" for her beliefs any longer.

God has provided that for her and I am so very thankful. Knowing just how picky I am about who influences her, I am very pleased with whom He has placed in her life. She now has 4 ladies in her life that she knows she can go to about anything. I feel comfortable knowing that they have her best interest at heart and that they will be excellent at leading her along right paths. They've been great about letting her know that even though it may be hard to stand her ground at times, but she's doing what is right and to keep holding onto those beliefs. She loves how they've never treated her like a "little" kid!

I must say, God has provided her with an amazing cheering section in those ladies. They are all amazing WOMEN of GOD! Their hearts are huge, they are all hilarious, and all involved in ministry. I LEARN from these women every time I'm around them, so I know she is in great hands. Thank you God for providing my daughter with such a great team behind her. Thank you: Erin F, Lisa H, Margo S, and Casie C for being such blessings to our family!

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