Monday, March 1, 2010

A Tiny Little Angel, With An Amazing Impact

A few months ago I met a woman that really inspired me. However, I will probably NEVER met this woman in person and our actual physical paths may never cross here on earth. BUT she has changed me, challenged me and made me look at things from a whole new vantage point.

She's a mom just like me. A "normal" every day type person you would meet in the grocery story. She's a homeschool mom with 8 blessings. That in itself is inspiring....I can barely balance my three! I "met" Nancy on another blog of an amazing Christian, homeschooling mom (again with LOTS of kids). Amy began asking for prayer for Nancy's unborn baby. I began to follow her story and was immediately drawn in.

At 15 weeks gestation, a normal ultrasound showed significant problems. The diagnosis was Alobar Holoprosencephaly (HPE) and of the most severe form. They knew their daughter would only live a few days at best. What amazed me every day was the way they handled the news, put their amazing faith in action, and made sure that EACH and EVERY second of the remainder of the pregnancy and whatever time they had would COUNT! They chose the name Kara Faith---with Kara meaning pure and faith being a name God revealed to them.

Kara Faith was born January 8th and lived on earth until February 26th. The family's ultimate goal was to be able to bring her HOME and they did. For such a short life on earth, that little angel's impact has been so far reaching. By the world's standards, many would never see past her physical imperfections. In the eyes of her family, God, and those who let their hearts SEE her----she was the ULTIMATE view of perfection and beauty. She truly was a little piece of heaven on earth.

As I daily read the families posts on various blogs & social networking sites, I found myself inspired by such love and devotion. It was about more than just their faith helping them "survive". It has been one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. At one update on the 25th, the dad said he was going to shower, shave, and get dressed up because he was going to take his baby and wife on a date. From the outside, I thought maybe he was talking about a nice dinner at home to celebrate them or something along those lines. In actuality, the date he was dressing up for was the date of "taking" her to meet her Daddy Jesus. They made the decision to not use extreme measures if she struggled to breathe. The description of how those last few hours proceeded absolutely struck something deep within me. I think "my view" gave me the most vivid picture of pure love I have ever seen. They didn't let her last days be of mourning and "dark"....they celebrated EVERY second they had with her. Obviuosly, their hearts were broken and their pain was immeasurable.

What has been really sinking in with me is thinking about how I would handle myself in something only slightly as painful. Would I have exhibited such breathtaking beauty and grace? I doubt it. Just thinking back to our scares and struggles with Peyton's illness is enough to show me that answer! What about them made their faith so vivid in struggles? How did they turn the unspeakable pain into such praise offering and joy? I don't have the answers, but I'm making sure that I'm allowing God to continue to build my faith and trust in Him MORE every day because when difficulties come my way, I want to make sure that people see my actions exhibiting the love of God JUST as profoundly and vividly!!!!

Thankful that God allowed me a "peek" into the life of a family that He obviously had his hands on and thankful for what a difference one little short life is making on a great big world. As someone wrote in a post on one of their facebook pages, "She was so perfect that she only needed to be here for a moment to obtain her body and return to her heavenly father. She did not need to be tried and tested like the rest of the world. Kara Faith, a true servant of the Lord..." Thankful that tiny little angels can make us see God.
Thank you Kara Faith. (

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