Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Checking Back In

WOW...It's been a week already? Shame on me. :)

This week is UNBELIEVABLY better than the last two weeks. I'll admit, there were times I thought all of the situations around me where going to get the best of me. Things around us are FAR less than perfect, but I'm feeling MORE able to handle it EVERY day! Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to pray or encourage us along the way.

Kevin is still having extreme headaches, but they are settling down to one a day, two at the very most. Granted, that's still too many, but MUCH improved. Fortunately, the oxygen works AMAZINGLY when they hit. Unfortunately, that is usually about 1:30-2:00 AM. I'm becoming a pro at waking up, getting him set up, making sure it has worked, and getting everything shut back off. Now that something IS giving him fairly quick relief, I don't have that same panic I had, so I'm much more able to get back to sleep than before. So at least now, it's like getting up to take care of a newborn and going right back to sleep instead of the state I was in where I was too concerned or too worked up to get any sleep. Fortunately, he's beginning to not even remember the next day whether or not he had one! I'm usually easily peeved by his ability to fall asleep SO quickly and his short term memory lapses, but in this case I'm thankful!

We're still struggling with so many other issues & obstacles, but feeling more confident in our ability to handle whatever comes our way. Our faith in God has delivered us during some VERY dark times & we should have known better than to doubt him now.

I'm still HUGELY battling with trying to maintain balance & not being overwhelmed with so much going on....but with each day, I'm feeling on more solid ground. I'm not saying that the struggles aren't still there and that Satan is off our backs. It's ALL still here AND still very painful at times, but again I see our faith growing with every prayer we pray, every conversation we have, or any tear I cry (notice I didn't say we...!).

It's been a chaotic few weeks THAT is for sure! Sleep deprivation is a place I don't want to return to! Being pulled in a thousand different directions is unsettling. My body shutting down & a lupus flare up hitting hard was expected. Thankfully, not only have I recovered but I also feel EVEN stronger than before.

I've not been blogging because there hasn't been enough time, but also because I have TOTALLY gotten wrapped up in a new Beth Moore book. I keep reading and re-reading each and every page. I can't get past the first few chapters, because I keep getting drawn back or something else sinks in and I have to go back! I imagine there will be lots of blogs to come based on what I'm reading. It's just TOO good to keep to myself. I highly recommend it (even though I don't know when I'll EVER finish it!) Ok---I only have a few weeks left since it's a library book and since it's requested I can't renew it! I may have to break down and actually buy it! It's "So Long, Insecurity...you've been a bad friend to us".

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