Sunday, March 11, 2012

B90 Check in Week 11 (Monday March 12, 2012)

Another weekend has almost wrapped up (much too quickly it seems).  The weather here in central Illinois has finally been incredible!  This coming week we are jumping for joy to see 70s.  It does this mom's sanity good!  I'll be spending the weekend at the National Hearts at Home Conference and just knowing the weather is going to be phenomenal is giving me EVEN more excitement (didn't know that was possible!).  We also had an incredible week with the visit of my precious step-mother.  God surely blessed my heart in deep ways with her visit!

Spring around the corner is exciting.  Refreshing.  A glorious time of renewal.  New growth. 

Reading the Bible the last couple of weeks has done the same thing for my heart.  I'm so thankful for how it has been reaching the deepest parts of my heart and bringing about changes.  I pray that the same has been happening for each of you!

Hopefully the approach of spring is giving each of you a boost as well and that it gives you some encouragement to soak in God's word as well.

I just want to say how thankful I am for EACH of you that have been along for this journey.  Each of you have touched my heart on some level and I'm thankful to have been spending this time with you, connected by the greatness of our Saviour!


Monday:  Matthew 26:57-Mark 9:13
Tuesday:  Mark 9:14-Luke 1:80
Wednesday:  Luke 2:1-Luke 9:62
Thursday:  Luke 10:1-Luke 20:19
Friday:  Luke 20:20-John 5:47
Saturday:  John 6:1-John 15:17
Sunday:  John 15:18-Acts 6:7


TN Quiltbug said...

I'm still keeping on with the reading! I am LOVING reading in Matthew! Just finished it, and need to do today's reading on into Mark still. Do not know for sure if I will get today's done--if I don't, it will be the FIRST day that I've missed this reading period. But we did just get back from vacation today, and I helped drive 12 hours straight--so I am going to forgive myself if I use one of those grace days today! :)

Thank you so much for your encouragement! I have really been feeling blessed in doing this, and it makes my heart sing!

gyopo said...

Hi. Sam from Korea here. I finished reading Haggai. My Bible bookmark is on Zechariah 1. Keeping on track is harder than I had anticipated...since I'm teaching 4 to 6 classes a day, and taking night classes from 6 to 9... I'm behind, but I will not quit

Debbie said...

I'm here too. Thanks so much for having this group so we can feel accountable and important. ~Debbie

Nancy said...

Hi Tracye,
I am ahead of schedule just because I am pumped to finish it! Keep reading! It's interesting refreshing my recent memory when the OT is quoted in the NT. I have been reminded over and over what an amazing God we have who loves us so much. -- Nancy

Robin said...

Still behind but hanging in there. Tonight I'm finishing Obadiah. Still trucking along! My hubby will be out of town for a few days this week, so I will have many quiet evenings after the little one is in bed to read, read, read. Maybe I will catch up this week?!?!

Shannon said...

Still behind but still here with the group. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. I sincerely appreciate it and I know God is listening! Thank you!

Abundant Blessings!


connie said...

Hi, Tracye. I feel the same way about the spring temps here in OK! And I love reading the NT!

Tracye said...

It was so great to hear from each of you. So proud of you that are on track (even ahead) and equally proud of those of you that are somewhat behind but still committed to finishing! Some of you are definitely finding that new commitments are making it hard, but I'm so thrilled you are sticking with it even though it probably would be "easier" to quit. Glad you aren't taking the EASY path! Shannon: praying for you! Nancy: I find that amazing as well! Sam: hang in there! Just take one day at a time! Debbie: so glad that being part of this group makes you feel important BECAUSE you are! TN Quiltbug: TAKE that Grace day! That is what it is there for! You've done fantastic! Robin: praying that you do get that extra time to read at night when your little one is asleep! Being in Obadiah is STILL fantastic! Don't doubt that for one second! Connie: Ah spring!!!! Glad the NT is encouraging you to keep reading!

Sheri D. said...

I'm so sorry to just now be checking in!! We have had family in town until yesterday, and I was not on my laptop and for some reason my phone was not cooperating to let me leave a comment. So, here I am checking in three days later :/. Also, I am behind. :/ I WILL catch up though. I am finishing up Matthew right now. I hope to catch up by tonight because I plan to read while I am on the treadmill later. :P Multitasking.... :P

So proud of all of you for persevering!! Thank you so much, Tracye, for your encouragement and prayers!!