Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moms: Just Keep Planting

As moms, we have amazing super powers.  You know, the eyes in the back of the head, the ability to juggle hundreds of things as if we have more than two hands, the power to kiss boo boos and magically improve them, the extra sense of knowing when that child did NOT wash his/her hands....and countless others. 

As moms, we sometimes have a super power that we may wish we didn't have.  


Sometimes "they" don't see us.  Maybe it's our kids.  Maybe it's our spouses.  Maybe it's our friends. Maybe it's our own parents or family members.  Maybe it's our employers. 

*They* can be looking right at us and don't see us.  

I know I feel this way many times and I know from "virtual" conversations and in-person conversations recently that many other moms are struggling with the same issue.  Granted, I think EVERYONE feels this way at times regardless of being a mom or not and that even men face it.  However, I'm writing from the viewpoint of a mom because that's who I am and what shapes my heart.  

They don't see the extra effort when we go beyond just getting by. They don't see the sacrifices we make or the inconveniences we put up with. They don't see the effort it takes to keep things running as smoothly as possible.  They don't see the planning of each and every thing.  They don't see the countless times we clean and re-clean the same thing.  They don't see the hurt in our hearts when their "little" digs go deeper in our hearts.  They don't see the bubble around our hearts pop when they disregard our callings in life to live differently.  They don't see the exhaustion that is beyond just being tired.  They don't see the emotional battles.  They don't see the number of prayers we pray on their behalf.  They don't see that you invested more than just your time into a project---you invested your heart.  They don't see that your saying *yes* to them might have been saying *no* to something else you really wanted or needed to do. 

Oh goodness...

The list could go on indefinitely.  

It's hard being invisible.  It's hard feeling as if someone can be looking you directly in the eyes and nodding their head as if their listening, but NEVER really see you. 

I know that feeling.  

I know that it's discouraging.  I know that it's deflating.  

I know that you can feel walked on, walked over and have the dirt stains on your heart to prove it. 

Let me stop and say this...

You are NOT invisible. 
You are NOT alone. 

Despite what your emotions may be telling you.  

What you do matters.  
What you do has value.

God sees. 

Your spouse probably REALLY does see.  He just may not be the best at showing it! 

You have friends that probably understand exactly how you feel.  They are just probably wrapped up in the same type of issues!

I just want to encourage moms specifically today...

Don't give up.  
Don't stop.
Keep on.

Go to God.  I *PROMISE* that He sees you.  

He knows how many times you've done that same task over and over.  
He knows how many times you've wondered if what you do matters. 

His answer is ALWAYS the same.

He knows YOU.  He sees YOU.  He loves YOU!

I know the hurt.  I know the sting of invisibility.  I know the exhaustion.  I know the helplessness. 


Many months ago, feeling at the bottom of the barrel and so invisible and defeated, I received a simple gift in the mail.  The sender will probably never have the first clue how meaningful it was.  It was just an "extra" item in a package of a purchase I made on etsy.  It was just simply a print the size of a snapshot as a thank you for a larger print I had made for Adriana's room.  I keep intending to frame it someday, but for now "Hobby Lobby" and I are not on speaking terms.  I've grounded myself from that store.  In order to met our financial goals of being debt free, I've stopped going to a few places that I find too tempting to overspend. 

Just a simple piece of cardstock with an incredible message.

It carries me through MANY (many, many) days!

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."

Dear tired, invisible mom that feels like the effort she puts into her home, her marriage, her children, her friends, her community, her church/volunteer activities,  her job, etc...  don't give up.  Don't judge today by how little you may feel like you are making a difference.  Just keep planting the seeds.  Just keep doing and giving.  You may not see the results today.  To be honest, you may not see the results most days.  (Those with children in the home ALL day, EVERY day....truly understand this!).  Just keep planting.  

Some day that little seed will have a bloom.  That little tree will have a sprout.  

The harvest will be great. 

Don't give up today!

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