Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just a Reminder

It's easy to get lost and lose focus.

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day aspects of life.

And forget....

How much HE has given.

Even with a grateful heart and an abundance of joy that has been unable to be stuffed down this year, I've forgotten.

I've forgotten just how much He has blessed and given to us this last year.

I'm feeling a bit sappy----even more than usual.

With many, many changes taking place recently and in the coming months, I've found myself thinking back and looking ahead.

It's never been more apparent that the more things stay the same, the more they change and it's never been more apparent how very fast time is flying by.

Yet, I forget just how full life is.

Today, the house is quiet.  No one around but me.  You moms that are at home full time with your children around the clock (especially homeschool families) know that when the house is quiet it's blissful and SO very unsettling at the same time! My husband has taken the kids out to purchase some materials they need to make Mother's Day gifts and I am soaking in a quiet day with nothing pressing on the agenda.  Obviously I could easily find something to do---because the list is long of things that I should be doing!  Instead I'm taking an easy day and catching up on several things I had left undone on the computer.  Still cleaning up emails and reducing clutter that overwhelms my inbox and files! I also started on the task of reducing pictures that are on my phone.

If you are on my facebook, you know I LOVE to take pictures of our daily lives.  I mostly do it for my own memory, for far away family, and for the family members of the littles that I keep.  Others may be annoyed by it, and I've consciously been reducing the amount I post (believe it or not!).....but it's unreal the amount I take on a daily basis that never get posted or sent.  I have 6,000 on my phone just from the last few months. In reducing those today and trying to choose the most important ones or just keeping the best from a series, I was reminded.....

My life is full.

It's not glamorous.  We don't have as much in regards to finances as others.  We don't travel often and we don't attend all the events around us that many do.  We don't often splurge on eating out and don't buy the nicest of everything around us.  Our home is not a pinterest show place.

But I have more than I could ever be worthy of.

JUST scrolling through pictures shows how full of a life we have.  My day-to-day is fully wrapped in "just" taking care of my family and the littles that I feel so blessed to have.....

For many, that life is not enough.  It isn't glamorous or fulfilling.  It's a waste.  It's so many other negative things in their minds.

In my eyes...

It's more than enough.  It's beauty.  It's a blessing.  It's fulfilling.

It's what makes me, me and what I embrace as God's gift.

Oh so very thankful and oh so blessed.

Thankful for the reminder He gave me today of how beautiful of a life it is just by scrolling through pictures.

It's messy.  It's stressful.  It's sometimes frustrating.  It's sometimes overwhelming.  It's sometimes lonely.  It's sometimes the hardest journey.  It's loud.  It's messy (I think that needs to be repeated).

Yet, it's beyond words amazing.

Thank you, God, for helping me to remember.

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