Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep Calm and Trust

Whether on facebook, pinterest, out shopping, and many other places....I think most of us have seen the "Keep Calm and...." pictures/shirts/ sayings.

Keep Calm and Trust God
Keep Calm and Drink Coffee
Keep Calm and Teach On

Insert just about any favorite hobby, profession, team or inspirational word.

I bought one in t-shirt form a couple of months ago that has special meaning for me.

(They also sell the My husband/Wife Rocks Shirts)
I admit....the sayings and shirts/prints are a bit cheesy. OK, sometimes VERY cheesy.
However, I love the reminders that come from just a quick glance at them.
This one happens to have deep meaning.
Trust in your husband.
I like the visual reminder that I need to:
  1. Keep CALM
  2. TRUST in your husband.
In a healthy Christian marriage, trust is crucial.  Letting our husbands LEAD isn't always the easiest because we have to willingly, at times, give up control and say "YOUR way."  OH how many times do we as women feel justified in thinking that OUR way is the best way or even that OUR way is the only way.  Guilty! 
Here is the truth I've learned and it didn't come by an easy path. 
  • A man of God is trust-worthy.  A man that takes covenant marriage vows seriously IS worthy of trust.  For he realizes that the verses that talk about a woman being submissive to him, first realizes that he is to treat her as Christ loves the church.  That's not just "a little " bit of love!  That's complete and thorough love.  When he is putting Christ first in his life, submission (by CHOICE) becomes easier because you know that God is leading him.
  • TRUST once lost IS very hard to regain.  Yet, it IS possible.  It can happen.  When it does, it becomes something so valuable that you BOTH will work hard to never lose it again.  It is far from an easy path, but don't ever give up hope that it can't happen. We've been at the bottom of the pit, hopeless that our marriage could be restored and because we were faithful and didn't quit, we've seen the other, beautiful side. The shirt reminds me that when I feel the doubts or struggles from the past come back or today's "view" soiled because of the past...to stop and TRUST.  It's been redeemed. 
  • TRUST because God made him differently.  Our husbands have a unique make-up that allows them to see things in a different way.  They tend to find it easier to step away from the overly emotional decisions and listen to what the know to be true. My husband is tender-hearted and introspective, but he is MUCH more able to make decisions that are hard.
  • TRUST because he REALLY does have my best interest at heart.  He loves our family.  His greatest drive is to provide for us and lead us to greater good.  THAT makes him worthy of trust.
  • TRUST even though he makes mistakes.  I'm not perfect and I mess up daily.  Allow him the same grace.  It's too much pressure on my own shoulders to be perfect and it's too much weight for him as well. 
  • TRUST him even with those things that I try to hide from everyone else. Allow him to see the real me because that vulnerability is what makes marriage thrive and grow. It's what connects us to each other and creates a safe-haven. It's what creates a bond between the two of us that isn't shared with the world.
I like the visual reminder because sometimes I just need to remember that my husband is there for me.  With many responsibilities and being pulled in countless directions on any given day, it's priceless to know that someone loves me completely and is on MY team as my greatest cheerleader and supporter! It reminds me that I'm not alone.  Knowing that he is seeking God's will and seeking to grow spiritually means above all else: he's trustworthy.  My heart is safe.  Because we are trusting together.  That is biblical marriage, submission, and marriage as God designed.  Pointing each other to the One that matters most. 
Keeping calm and trusting in my husband because together we are trusting in Him as our top priority. Even through the days of failure and struggles.  Even through the days that are valleys instead of mountains. 


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