Friday, October 17, 2014


Letting go (in multiple aspects) has been a huge topic of discussion in our home lately.

So has saying "no" so that we can give our best yes to what matters most. 

Redefining priorities.  Placing our focus on specific areas.  Learning to balance and give our best in ways that are best for us.

It's also about "unsubscribing".

I know I've written about this before, but it's been back heavy on my heart in recent days again.

My inbox quickly gets overwhelming.  My mailbox overflows with junk mail.  The phone can ring off the hook with telemarketers and scams. 

Unwanted and unnecessary.

So, I have to take the time to physically unsubscribe from various sources.  Have our numbers removed from phone lists.  Hit that little link in the corner or bottom of the email that says "unsubscribe".  Remove our address from marketing lists. 

It's a constant battle that has to be dealt with fairly often.  It's not a one time deal due to the rapid pace that communication comes at us these days in a technology driven society.

If I am not proactive, I get overwhelmed QUICKLY.

I also have to make choices and unsubscribe even from good things.  It's great to have unlimited sources of encouragement, ideas, and inspiration that the internet can provide whether related to motherhood, home education, things I use with our Littles, marriage, spiritual growth, crafts, DIY, Bible studies, recipes, etc...  However, even those good things can build up to the point that it's taking too much of my time, causing my brain to be on overload, or just TOO much.  Just like in the world of pinterest, even too much of seeing great ideas and "perfection" can leave me feeling lacking, wanting things I don't need, or just that ugly feeling of jealousy.

I have to unsubscribe.

Clear out the clutter.


I'm struck most deeply today by the other things that I need to unsubscribe from.

I have to unsubscribe from the world and draw into HIM.  I can't do that if I'm trying to walk with one foot in worldliness and one not in and of the world.  There's no sitting on the fence.  There's no being "luke warm" or cold.  Indifference doesn't work.  A little bit sold out for him----and a lot of doing things my own way is.....dangerous.

I also have to unsubscribe from you. 

Let me explain:

I care too much what you think.  I care too much about your opinion of me.  I care too much about how you see me.  I fear what you think when you know the REAL me.  I worry too much about your perceptions.  I just care too much....


I also need to unsubscribe from myself. 

Yes, me.

We are driven by a me-me society.  It's ALL about us.  It's all about what we want and need.  How we can get ahead.  How this or that affects me.


If I truly want to be a follower of Christ, fully devoted...

Then I have to unsubscribe to me.

I can't have more of Him if I'm too full of me.

And I am.

I'm me driven more than I want to honestly admit.

Being filled more and more with Him, means there has to be less of me. 

I can't grow in Him if I don't give Him room to work. 

It may mean letting go and unsubscribing to specific relationships or activities.  It may mean saying no to something I want to do or I feel I need to do because my attitude in doing it is wrong, He has a different direction, or because it doesn't line up with His word or His plan at this point in my life.  It may be saying yes to something I want to say no to.  It may be He's calling me out of my comfort zone to do something specific.  It may be he's telling me something I NEED to do, but don't want to do because it's inconvenient, HARD, or even painful (like forgiveness, releasing bitterness, not walking in jealousy).  I may have to let go of relationships that are toxic, even ones that seem vital. It may mean having to say yes to other relationships that have fallen off the importance list because He has a reason to go deeper with that individual.  It may mean having to be vulnerable and admitting that I need help in certain areas or offer help to someone else.  It may mean looking foolish to the "world".  It may mean being unpopular and freaky! :)

I have to unsubscribe.

Clear out the clutter.

Clear out the clutter of me getting in my own way.

Clear out the clutter of anything causing a wedge that prevents my growth in Christ.

Unsubscribing and letting go isn't always easy. 

Many times it's quite painful.


The results.

Make all the difference.

The difference  in being effective and the difference in being or holding back from what matters most. 

Uncluttered of filth.
Uncluttered of junk.
Uncluttered of negativity.
Uncluttered of selfishness.


With room to grow in Him.

To walk in grace and offer grace.
To walk in love and give love.
To grow and change, to be chiseled and shaped.

To be filled with Him and less of me. this woman....needs to unsubscribe.

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