Thursday, October 16, 2014

Counting Moments or Counting Days?

Life can feel like a whirlwind.  A hurricane.  A tornado.  The seas may be calm and the clouds may not look stormy, but we may still feel like we are wrapped up and spinning out of control.  I often picture myself looking like the cartoon character Taz.  Spinning around in circles, kicking up a cloud of dirt, but not necessarily getting anywhere.

We are busy.
Life throws curve balls.

We've bought into the lie that we have to do and be more.  The new norm is talking about how busy we are, almost like it's a badge of honor.  We somehow *think* that if we can tick off this list of all the things going on and how busy we are that we *look* good to someone else.  A "one-up" kind of game. 

It's dangerous. 

It's devastating to ourselves, our marriages, our children, and our homes. It's devastating to our spiritual health and even physical health.

We've lost the true value of the concept that less is more. 

I'm not saying you have to give up EVERYTHING physically and live a life of complete simplicity and without modern conveniences.  Granted, that works for some people really well.

I'm not saying you have to give up EVERY activity, EVERY hobby, EVERY ministry opportunity, EVERY single thing. 


There is a balance.  A much needed balance.  My balance may look much differently than yours.  You may can handle much less on your plate than I can or I may not be able to juggle a third of the balls you keep in the air and not drop them all. 

But here's the reality....

What are we missing? 

When we are counting the days, the activities, the "have-to's" on our list....

What MOMENTS are we missing.

When we are rushing around, working harder and longer, feeling frazzled....what are we missing?

I know for myself what I begin to miss.  I miss opportunities to minister to my children's hearts.  I miss the chance to just sit and be----whether alone or with someone who needs a listening ear.  I miss the moments that I could encourage my husband's heart.  I miss countless things, but for me, what I miss the most is the ability to HEAR.  HEAR what's on their heart DEEP down, HEAR what God is teaching and showing, and the NOISE blocks out the nudges of the Holy Spirit.

I feel like I've missed COUNTLESS moments and opportunities. 

I'm proactively saying NO more often than I ever have.  I'm guarding our time and what we say "yes" to....

But I'm still counting days it seems. 

Instead, I want my heart to focus on the moments.  See them.  Acknowledge them.  LIVE in them.  Seek them out.  Cherish them.  Guard them. 

Seeing this picture today really spoke volumes to my heart today.  VOLUMES. 
What of those moments am I missing?
Am I having those ALL IMPORTANT conversations and making deposits of encouragement...
Or in the RUSH...
Am I missing them?
I don't want to miss them.  

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